Ilex leaves fall

Ilex leaves fall

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Question: Ilex leaves fall

Hi I had already posted a question about Ilex Crenata, well lately there is qlc problem with the leaves, they are starting to dry up and they fall, even the branches start to dry up, I made a first thinning of the dry branches, the plant is always momentarily been inside the house, I wouldn't want the temperature to have done the rest, you advise me to do? Water aside I give it to her once every 1-2 weeks and the hair I spray when it's dry I don't know what else to do.

Answer: Fall Ilex leaves

Dear Alex,
your ilex bonsai would have had to spend the winter outdoors, possibly covered by the woven, or sheltered place; the problem is that the house is too hot and the air is too dry; not being able to move now, try to find an area of ​​the house that is not very heated and often vaporizes the foliage, to increase the environmental humidity, avoiding to exaggerate with the watering of the soil, given that the plant should be in vegetative rest.


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