A proven variety of salad type - Staroselsky tomato: description, photo, recommendations for care

Today, greenhouse tomatoes are gaining more and more popularity. However, tomatoes planted in open ground have a unique aroma and taste, so you need to pay attention to them.

The varieties suitable for open beds include Staroselsky - easy to care for, fruitful, calmly enduring the vagaries of the weather.

Tomato Staroselsky: variety description

Variety nameStaroselsky
general descriptionEarly maturing determinant tomato variety for growing in open ground and greenhouses
Ripening period85-95 days
The formFruits are flat-rounded with light ribbing at the stalk
ColorRipe fruit color is red
Average weight of tomatoesup to 300 grams
ApplicationIn salads, for juice production, pickling
Variety yield6 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresIt is recommended to form 2-3 stems with the removal of side stepchildren
Disease resistanceResistant to most diseases

Tomato variety Staroselsky is an early ripe high-yielding variety. Determinate bush, compact, with moderate formation of green mass. The growth of an adult plant is not more than 1 m. The leaves are simple, medium-sized, dark green. The inflorescences are simple.

Tomatoes ripen in clusters of 6-8 pieces. Fruiting is amicable, the yield is high enough. From 1 sq. m of plantings, you can get at least 6 kg of selected tomatoes.

The color of ripe fruits is deep red, monotonous, without spots and stripes. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, with a small number of seeds, sugar-rich at the break. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking. The taste is pleasant, balanced, sweet with barely noticeable sourness.

The fruits are large, weighing up to 300 g, flat-rounded, with a slight ribbing at the stalk. You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Staroselskyup to 300 grams
White filling 241100g
Ultra-ripe F1100g
Striped chocolate500-1000 grams
Banana Orange100g
King of Siberia400-700 grams
Pink honey600-800 grams
Pound rosemary400-500 grams
Honey-sugar80-120 grams
Demidov80-120 grams
Dimensionlessup to 1000 grams

Origin and application

The Staroselsky tomato variety was bred by Russian amateur breeders. Recommended for growing in regions with temperate and warm climates, preferably planting in open beds or under a film. The harvested fruits are well stored, transportation is possible.

Salad-type fruits. Juicy and fleshy tomatoes are delicious fresh, they are used for making appetizers, soups, sauces, hot dishes.

Ripe tomatoes make a delicious refreshing juice that can be drunk freshly squeezed or harvested for future use. Small, even fruits can be salted, pickled, included in assorted vegetables.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • excellent taste of ripe fruits;
  • good productivity;
  • disease resistance;
  • versatility of fruits;
  • tolerance for minor cold snaps, heat or drought.

The peculiarities of the variety include high demands on the nutritional value of the soil. Bushes need to be formed by removing excess lateral shoots.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Staroselsky6 kg per square meter
Bobcat4-6 kg per bush
Rocket6.5 kg per square meter
Russian size7-8 kg per square meter
Premier6-9 kg per square meter
King of Kings5 kg per bush
Stolypin8-9 kg per square meter
Long Keeper4-6 kg per bush
Black bunch6 kg per bush
Grandma's gift6 kg per square meter
Buyan9 kg per bush

A photo

See below: tomato Staroselsky photo

Growing features

Tomatoes of the Staroselsky variety are recommended to be grown in seedlings. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate, washed with clean water and dried. Read more about preparing seeds for sowing here. The soil is made up of a mixture of garden or turf soil with humus... Seeds are sown in containers with a shallow depth, sprayed with water.

For germination, a temperature of 23 to 25 degrees is needed. The emerging seedlings are exposed to bright light, periodically turning for uniform development. After unfolding the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings dive. Young tomatoes need to be fed with liquid complex fertilizer based on potassium and nitrogen.

Transplanting to open ground begins in the second half of May. The soil is loosened in advance by mixing with a generous portion of humus. Wood ash is laid out on the holes (1 tablespoon per plant). Bushes are planted at a distance of 40 cm with a row spacing of at least 60 cm... It is recommended to form 2-3 stems with the removal of side stepchildren.

Water the tomatoes in moderation, only with warm water. In between waterings, the topsoil should dry out.

During the season, the plants are fed 3-4 times. Mineral complexes with nitrogen and potassium, as well as diluted mullein or bird droppings, are suitable. A one-time treatment of plantings with an aqueous solution of superphosphate is also useful.

Diseases and pests

Tomato variety Staroselsky is quite resistant to the main diseases of the nightshade: verticillium, fusarium, tobacco mosaic. However, a number of preventive measures cannot be dispensed with.

Before planting, the soil is spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate. Young plants are sprayed with phytosporin or another bio-preparation with an antifungal effect.

Careful watering, loosening or mulching of the soil, removing weeds will save you from root rot. The lower leaves on the bushes can also be removed.

Industrial insecticides, infusion of celandine or onion husks will help from insect pests. They effectively destroy thrips, whitefly, spider mites.

Staroselsky is an interesting variety for open ground. Compact bushes are very productive, they do not require excessive care. With timely feeding and careful watering, you can count on a decent harvest.

Late ripeningEarly ripeMid late
BobcatBlack bunchGolden raspberry miracle
Russian sizeSweet bunchAbakan pink
King of KingsKostromaFrench bunch
Long KeeperBuyanYellow banana
Grandma's giftRed bunchTitanium
Podsinsky miracleThe presidentSlot
American ribbedSummer residentKrasnobay

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