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Bonsai care

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Question: bonsai care

hi everyone, at the beginning of December I bought a bonsai at IKEA, it is a ficus, and it has quite roundish leaves. can anyone tell me what the scientific name is? since I am a beginner, could you give me some advice to take care of it? Thanks in advance

Answer: bonsai care

Dear Giorgio,
given the rounded leaves it could be a ficus panda; in any case all the ficus bonsai are cultivated in the same way; these are plants that in Italy are grown in the apartment, in a well-ventilated place but not subject to temperature fluctuations; they love environmental humidity, and therefore must be periodically vaporized. Watering is practiced only when the soil is dry, therefore in winter sporadically, almost daily in summer.
A specific fertilizer for bonsai is used, only in the period of maximum vegetation, between March and September, every 15 days.


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