Small and sweet tomato "Date Red F1": variety description

Small and sweet tomato

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Everyone who loves small-fruited varieties and hybrids of tomatoes will surely like the beautiful and original "Date Red F1". Ripe tomatoes really resemble southern Finns, they have an elongated shape and a rich sweet taste.

The collected fruits are stored for a long time, they can be eaten fresh, dried, salted and pickled. Despite the small weight of the tomatoes themselves, the bushes are very productive.

Tomato "Date Red F1": variety description

Date Red - hybrid F1, medium late, semi-deterministic. The bushes reach 1.5 m, but standard compact forms, up to 90 cm high, are also possible. A moderate number of leaves and side shoots, fruits are collected in bunches of 6-8 pieces. Ripening begins in July and lasts until the end of September. The hybrid is suitable for growing in greenhouses and greenhouses; in regions with warm and temperate climates, planting in the ground under a film is possible.

Fruits are elongated, oval, with a pointed tip. Ripe tomatoes are bright red, elegant, with small seed chambers. Stores well, tolerates transportation without any problems... The taste of tomatoes is rich, sweetish, with light fruity notes. Subtle recognizable aroma. The pulp is moderately firm, very juicy, and sugary. Each fruit weighs about 20 g.

You can compare the weight of the variety with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight (grams)
Date red20
The Golden Fleece85-100
Pink Lady230-280

Date Red is a Russian hybrid derived from cherry tomatoes. Recommended for open ground and greenhouses; in temperate and continental climates, it is better to grow under plastic. Stores well at home. Tomatoes "Date Red F1" are used for the preparation of salads, buffet meals. They are suitable for baby and diet food. Small fruits with juicy pulp and dense skin can be salted and pickled, they do not crack, while maintaining an attractive appearance.

A photo

Look at the photo below for the appearance of the Red Date tomato:

Advantages and disadvantages

Hybrid Date Red is very popular among amateur gardeners. Among the pluses are most often noted:

  • excellent productivity;
  • delicious sweet fruits suitable for salads and canning;
  • disease resistance;
  • undemanding to the conditions of detention;
  • long fruiting period.

Minor disadvantages include:

  • late ripening, the first fruits are harvested towards the end of July;
  • the variety tolerates frosts well, but in cold weather the number of fruit ovaries decreases.

Growing features

The soil for seedlings is chosen light, based on sand and peat, with the obligatory admixture of complex mineral fertilizers. In phase 1-2 of these leaves, a pick is carried out. Date seeds are sown for seedlings in early March. For the successful development of seedlings, light is needed, as well as weekly fertilization. Tomatoes love the alternation of mineral complexes and organics.

In the first half of March, the plants are planted in the greenhouse. Transplanting into the ground is best done in late May or early June. Plants prefer a temperature of 20-22 degrees, a slight decrease is possible at night. The hybrid is very hygrophilous, it is recommended to water it with warm water with the addition of diluted mullein or bird droppings. After flowering, you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen-containing fertilizers that can reduce yields.

Tomatoes require a garter to support and pinching... If you wish, you can leave 2-3 stepsons, on which the fruits will also be tied. Tomatoes can be harvested in mid-July when they reach the stage of technological ripeness. The collected fruits ripen without any problems at home.

Pests and diseases

Like all hybrids, Red Date is resistant to typical diseases of the nightshade family: late blight, gray, white and root rot, mosaic virus, fusarium wilt. For the prevention of diseases, it is recommended to annually replace the topsoil in the greenhouse..

Seedlings and adult bushes must be protected from pests: aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scoops, naked slugs. Mulching and periodic loosening of the soil, spraying plants with warm water and frequent ventilation of greenhouses helps. Affected specimens are sprayed with non-toxic bio-preparations. It is not recommended to use insecticides after flowering begins.

Having tried the Red Date, any gardener decides to include it in the planting plan forever. Compact tall bushes take up little space, pleasing with a bountiful harvest and do not require excessive care.

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