Other hydrangeaceae

Other hydrangeaceae

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Schizophragma Hydrangeoides

Height: reaches around 150 centimeters
Leaf: oval, sharp, thick, toothed edge
Flowering: May-June
Inflorescence: white lacecap
Beautiful creeper with slender but thick branches and interesting flowers due to the presence of a bract that becomes similar to a white leaf. Suitable as a climber or ground cover, it prefers shade or half shade. It is not a true hydrangea, although belonging to the same family (hydrangeaceae). There is also the cultivar with the flowers of a delicate rose (Schizophragma Hydrangeoides Roseum).

Platycrater Arguta

Height: 40-60 centimeters
Leaf: bright light green, from oblong to lanceolate, with finely serrated edge.
Flowering: from June to November
Inflorescence: Small apical flowers of pure white as soon as they hatch, with a reclined posture. From the same apex are produced more rather long and sinuous peduncles.Each peduncle can carry one or more single flowers. As the flower grows older, its color will be creamy white. Each flower is formed by 3-4 sepals rather tight at the apex, and by several clearly visible golden yellow Stamens.
Small deciduous shrub native to Japan. Very unusual and little known plant. The name with which it is known in the country of origin и Baika amacha, is therefore to be considered as belonging to the group of plants that we have previously treated. It reaches a few decimeters both in height and in width. Its bearing is delicately hanging and, precisely because of its size, it is suitable for small pots placed in areas where it can be admired up close, like a miniature. Belonging to the hydrangeaceae family, it is the only species of the genus Platycrater. Likes half-shadow positions.

Dichroa Versicolor

Height: 200 centimeters
Leaf: large, oval, wrinkled with serrated edge and pointed apex.
Flowering: almost continuous in optimal conditions
Inflorescence: top, variable length from 10 to 20 cm and over, deep blue or pink color.
evergreen hydrangeaceae native to northern Burma. Sturdy bush whose leaves exceed 20-25 cm in length and 12-15
in width, it can reach two meters in height. The appearance is that of a tropical plant, but it seems able to withstand rather harsh winters, if placed in a well-sheltered area of ​​the garden. The flowers, intense blue in acidic and pink soils in those alcanlini or neutral, bloom almost throughout the year.
Another peculiar characteristic of Dichroa Vera: unlike the majority of Hydrangeaceae, the flowers are all fertile.
It tolerates well conditions of high soil moisture, likes cool and shady areas, in which it will develop to the best of its extraordinary possibilities.

Other hydrangeaceae: Decumaria Barbara

Height: 10 meters
Leaf: dark green, glossy, ovate with wavy edge, supported by a long
Flowering: July
Inflorescence: corymbs, up to 8 cm wide, composed of cream-white flowers, with
a dozen small petals and 20-30 "brush" stamens.
Deciduous climber from the southeastern United States. It climbs with aerial roots and produces an attractive glossy foliage, with a dark green color. Also excellent as a ground cover, it prefers half-shade conditions.
Being a plant of medium rusticity (resists up to about -5 ° C), it is preferable to place it in a sheltered area of ​​the garden. Its flowers are slightly perfumed.