Technology for killing cockroaches with fog: at what temperature do they die and are they afraid of frost

Technology for killing cockroaches with fog: at what temperature do they die and are they afraid of frost

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For many years, the fight against insect pests, in particular, cockroaches, has been a serious sanitary and epidemiological problem for Russia.

Despite the appearance on the market in recent years of all kinds of chemicals that effectively fight parasites, many residents of megacities still suffer from the invasion of "intruders". Of course, without identifying the cause of their occurrence in the house, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get rid of them.

If the apartment, after repeated attempts at etching, still remains attractive to insects, they will certainly return sooner or later. That is why the fight against parasites must be carried out consciously, comprehensively and only after determining the causes of their occurrence in the house.

Today we will consider such questions: are cockroaches afraid of the cold, at what temperature do cockroaches die? Are there temperature-based remedies to combat them?

Temperature method of exposure

And the reasons for the appearance of the Prussians may be as follows:

  1. The sanitary situation in the room, its clutter, the presence of many cracks in the flooring and walls.
  2. Settlement of insects in neighboring apartments.
  3. Open access to food and water, making it impossible to get rid of pests.
  4. Moving cockroaches into the house along with furniture and other interior items from the outside.
  5. Leaky food packaging.

There are other, less common causes of parasites.

But anyway the cause should be eliminatedwhatever it is.

If you carried out pest control in your apartment, and insects remained in the neighboring one, then all your efforts will go to waste.

One of the most common and most ancient methods of controlling cockroaches is the temperature method.

At what temperature do cockroaches die?

According to their historical origin, the Prussians are tropical creatures, therefore, at sub-zero temperatures, they die.

At 5 degrees below zero, cockroaches will live for about 30 minutes, at 7 - no more than a minute.

Of course, in Russia it is very difficult to apply this method in practice. The presence of heating pipes and radiators in the house makes the situation difficult. Freezing parasites can lead to heating system breakdowns and will require additional costs for repairs in the house.

In addition, household appliances or pets will be harmed. Despite the effectiveness of this method, it is rarely used in practice.

Mode of action:

  1. Remove from the house any occupants who feel uncomfortable at minus 8 degrees Celsius.
  2. Open all windows.
  3. Cover up hot water and heating pipes.
  4. Close the room for the day.
  5. When the pest control period is over, close the windows and sweep out dead cockroaches from nightstands, cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

In cold regions during the winter, the procedure can last no more than 20 minutes. Of course, the temperature outside is much lower than eight degrees. This is enough. But, if the region is warm, you need to act with confidence.

Of course, it is better to find a way to sit out elsewhere and leave the apartment for the whole day, but be sure that the method will work. By the way, frost will easily destroy not only adults, but also their eggs.

Advice! In warm regions, the opposite method is used. With a heat of 40 degrees and above, the windows of a house or apartment also open. Pests will die in the event of a high temperature.

It should be noted that our ancestors used ordinary boiling water against the Prussians. But watering things with them is inconvenient, moreover, books, fabrics, furniture and interior items, and even the floor covering can be spoiled using this method. The best way out of the situation is to use a household steam cleaner.

Destruction of cockroaches by fog - what is it?

Cold fog

The extermination of the Prussians is not an easy task. To clean an apartment, it is sometimes required to carry out several treatments.

This takes time and requires certain financial costs, especially if professional pest controllers are involved. That's why it was invented technology that allows you to exterminate cockroaches in one go.

First, let's try to understand the concept of "cold fog". We are talking about the use of aerosolized disinfectant solutions. This kind of treatment makes it possible to distribute the insecticide as evenly as possible over the infected room. Its droplets will settle on all surfaces, including the ceiling.

Aerosol cloud is generated by the generator... It is a mobile, small-sized device. In the cloud it produces, the insecticide particles are no more than 80 microns in size. The generated "fog" in terms of its temperature corresponds to the ambient temperature. That is why the technology has this name.

Technology advantages:

  • The operation of the generator makes it possible to apply various kinds of insecticides.
  • Small droplets of solution stay in the air for a long time, after which they settle evenly on the surface. Complete subsidence is carried out within four hours.
  • The sediment formed from the solution, after settling, can be observed not only on open, but even on almost inaccessible surfaces. Also, the cloud covers the whole room.
  • The aerosol is not harmful to the health of pets and humans.
  • The use of the generator makes it possible to significantly save insecticide and allows you to get rid of cockroaches at no extra cost.

On a note! When the generator is used in a residential area, its action significantly increases the humidity level. Therefore, beforehand it will not be superfluous to protect those objects that are afraid of water from its effects. Perhaps this is the main disadvantage of this method of pest control.

Most often, such pest control is carried out by specialized companies. But there is nothing complicated in this procedure. Therefore, you can do it yourself. However, buying rather expensive equipment for the sake of processing alone would be unwise decision. So the choice is yours.

Hot fog

This technology involves not only spraying, but also heating the solution produced by the generator.

The method consists in the production of smaller particles of the insecticide (total 5 to 30 microns). Such a cloud stays in the air much longer and completely settles only after 10 hours.

During the use of the technology, the room is not humidified as much as with the "cold fog". This method has less negative impact on items, which do not tolerate moisture, and allows, after the first treatment, to completely destroy adult insects and egg clutches. But this technology is not suitable for all premises.


Rooms need to be prepared in advance. To do this, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Pack the dishes tightly, and with it the existing personal hygiene products. It is better to remove them from open spaces in the apartment altogether.
  2. Furniture items should, if possible, at least slightly move away from the walls.
  3. Hide products.
  4. Remove carpets, posters and paintings from the walls themselves.
  5. Perform a general cleaning. Thoroughly wipe the floor, baseboards, door frames with a rag.
  6. Remove pets and, of course, people from the house.
  7. If the homeowner is going to control the process or conduct it with his own hands, he will need a respirator and clothing that reliably protects the body.
  8. After the end of the procedure, the overalls are removed, after which you should immediately take a shower or wash your hands properly.

Wait for the insecticide particles to settle, then ventilate treated rooms well... It will take at least an hour. After that, prepare a soapy solution and wipe it down the places with which people in the house come into contact most often. These are doorknobs, chairs and countertops.

Items that are rarely touched need not be washed. As for the floor, it is better to stand it without washing for at least ten days. Skirting boards, jambs and walls do not need to be touched at all for three weeks.

It should be noted that such spraying of insecticides noticeably increases the degree of effectiveness of its effect. Particles of special preparations fall not only on hard-to-reach surfaces, but even into existing gaps and crevices, where insects usually live. Thus, the generator allows you to quickly and efficiently exterminate parasites.

Summarize. We answered the question: at what temperature do cockroaches die? And it turned out that they do not like low temperatures and freeze even with a slight minus, and frost completely kills them in a matter of minutes.

Prusak is a tenacious insect. Therefore, it will be much faster to achieve a positive result in the fight against it with the participation of professionals. Today in cities there are many pest control services that efficiently exterminate insects.

Specialists of such services use only proven and, as a rule, the most highly effective drugs, with which you can easily cleanse your home from parasites, even with their numerous presence.

If calling a specialist is too expensive for you, then here are some good tools for independent use:

  • aerosols and sprays: Raptor, Clean House, Raid, Executioner;
  • gels: Global, Dohlox;
  • traps: Combat, Forsyth;
  • crayons: Masha;
  • powders: FAS.

Watch a short video to get an idea of ​​how the processing procedure takes place:

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