Graft ficus bengamin

Graft ficus bengamin

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Question: graft ficus bengamin

hello, I would like to graft a ficus using the crown technique, the plant was 2m tall in pot, I cut it net about 20cm from the ground, it has only 2 twigs I would like to create its crown. I don't know which is the best period, if I have to keep the twigs to be grafted in the fridge, and if I have to remove the leaves from the twigs, since it is an evergreen. I have seen your films on this type of graft, but they are inherent in fruit trees in hibernation, how can I do?

Answer: graft ficus bengamin

Dear Daniel,
you can practice the crown graft at the end of winter or in late spring. All the branches of the branches must be cut in half, or even by a third from the branch on the branch.


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