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Question: aloe

Good evening,
I have two questions ...
1. I have an aloe arborescensis plant in the house, the leaves in the middle of the plant have collapsed towards the center while the upper ones are beautiful stretched upwards ... what can I do? I have not been giving her water for more than a month in the hope of improving the situation.
2. I have an aloe saponaria plant on which I discovered cochineal ... I cleaned all the leaves ... should I repot and control the roots?

Answer: aloe

Dear Patrizia,
your aloe is probably getting excessive watering; Aloe is a succulent plant, and as such it tolerates drought and fears water stagnation and excessive watering. To save your plant, remove all the damaged leaves and repot what remains, avoiding watering for a few days; then water only when the soil is dry and, in winter, water with small amounts of water.
As far as aloe with cochineal is concerned, it checks the roots when it is repotting, towards the end of winter.


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