Powder the pesky parasites! Powders and dusts from cockroaches

Dust is a very old means of fighting harmful insects. We can say that "grandmother's remedy."

Only the cockroach itself is older than it. And like a cockroach, dust powder is still alive - it is actively used.

So, there is still strength in him!

Dust: what is it?

This is a whole series of powdered products, potent insecticides... So strong that they usually sell it in 50-gram packs.

One is enough to process 10 square meters room inhabited by cockroaches.

All powdered insect pest control agents are called dusts. Although this is not correct. It was originally DDT adapted for home use.

It contains a substance that significantly increases the term the effects of the powder on the insect. As a result, it is enough to process it once to relax and start enjoying life without cockroaches. Moreover, neither time nor temperature affects the murderous power of this substance. Only moisture does not like dust.

Which to choose

Dusts are different. Some are sold in large packages designed for industrial areas. Some are very toxic, some are almost odorless and completely harmless to humans. Which to choose?

There are two important criteria to consider:

  1. The degree of contamination of the premises.
    • If the situation is very neglected and a great many cockroaches have bred, then you need to choose the dust with maximum efficiency - based on karbofos.
  2. The presence of furniture or other items that you cannot properly clean after powder treatment.
    • In this case, you need to build on the criteria for safety and usability. These include, in particular, the Clean House dust, created by domestic developers on the basis of natural ingredients.

Also, according to customer reviews, Chinese cockroach dusts are effective.

How to use

There are two ways.

  1. Powder from cockroaches is simply scattered over the infected surface and left for several hours..
  2. The powder is diluted in water and the solution is poured into the crevices.


  • if the whole apartment is infected with cockroaches, do not limit yourself to processing only one room, handle everything;
  • <>> special attention - to places of congestion and movement of cockroaches, crevices and baseboards;
  • carpets are treated by sprinkling with insecticide on their back surface, the one closer to the floor.


  • remove all small items, food, pets and other household members before handling;
  • to carry out processing in glasses, a respirator (mask) and rubber gloves;
  • use sponges or brushes to spread the powder;
  • leave the premises after processing. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, wash your face. Clothes - to wash;
  • the room should be ventilated 24 hours after treatment and all traces of powder in open areas should be removed, washed with a soap-soda solution of the surface.

5 pluses and 3 minuses


  1. Compactness... You need a little dust, but it works effectively and for a long time.
  2. Inexpensive... From 15 rubles per package. Its main competitor in this price category is only "Mashenka" chalk.
  3. Effective... Long term of action after application.
  4. Able to penetrate into hard-to-reach placesdue to its powdery consistency.
  5. Wide range of applications - acts not only on cockroaches, but also on bedbugs, fleas, flies and other insects unwanted in the house.


  1. Inconvenience of application... Dust "dusty", leaves a suspension in the air, which can cause an allergic reaction.
  2. It is impossible to completely remove its traces.
  3. Does not have instant action... Cockroaches will not fall in front of your eyes, as with the action of an aerosol. This tool needs time for cockroaches to breathe in it or run over it.

Dust competitors

This isn't the only powdery cockroach killer out there. There is, for example, halek or medilis tsiper.

Halek produced in Syria. It is sold in a yellow plastic container with a red lid or in a bag. Packing - 100 gr. Halek acts on cockroaches, fleas and ants.

Active substance - cypermethrin... Enough 10 grams to "powder" 1 square meter of area. The poison acts contact, that is, the insect needs to walk on the treated surface. Processing is enough for a month.

Important! Halek is not addictive to insects.

Medilis Ziper also looks like a white powder. It was invented for agriculture, but even in apartment conditions it proved to be a highly effective means of fighting cockroach misfortune. The powder can be simply scattered in places where cockroaches are often found. For several weeks Medilis Tsiper will continue to fight the mustache.

All dusts are good. Choose the one that suits you for the price. You will choose dust, and the dust will clear the living space from cockroaches for you.

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