Ginseng bonsai

Ginseng bonsai

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Question: ginseng bonsai

I would like to ask since I bought a bonsai at a mall I would like to ask since it is in a small vase if I have to transfer it, then on some branches there are no leaves if they can be cut and then if I can use chemical fertilizers. thanks i wait your answers

Answer: ginseng bonsai

Dear Catello,
bonsai are generally grown specifically for small cases, to prevent the root system from developing excessively; if you think your bonsai is in a decidedly too small pot, repot it in a slightly larger one, and cut part of the small roots, changing all the soil with a suitable substrate for bonsai.
On the market there are excellent fertilizers for bonsai, although in general the soil found in the nursery is already fertilized, so immediately after repotting you can avoid fertilizing until the end of winter. If you intend to use fertilizers that are already standing, not specific for bonsai, very diluted.
If some branches are damaged it is convenient to remove them.


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