We build greenhouses for cucumbers with our own hands: features of growing all year round

We build greenhouses for cucumbers with our own hands: features of growing all year round

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How pleasant it is to open jars of crispy pickled cucumbers in winter!

There are never too many cucumbers - this is the most popular vegetable for pickling. And in the summer, neither salad, nor kebab, nor potatoes can do without it.

You can almost double the harvest and get it before September if grow cucumbers under a film or in a greenhouse.

Benefits of protected ground

In the harsh climate of most of the territory of our country, it is difficult to get a full and abundant harvest. Therefore, a greenhouse on a personal plot is a necessary attribute. Cucumbers grow faster under the film, they are protected from bad weather and temperature extremes. In a well-built greenhouse, the risk of disease and pest damage is reduced. Only in a greenhouse or greenhouse can you get an early harvest of cucumbers and harvest it until the fall.

Greenhouse or greenhouse?

Most often for growing cucumbers a greenhouse is used for personal consumption... This is a summer temporary collapsible structure, which is installed in early spring and dismantled in the fall after harvest.

The greenhouse is convenient in that the film coating is easily removed if necessary, and the cucumber bed is ventilated, and the plants bask in the sun. A greenhouse under a film cover is usually made low.

A greenhouse is a more capital structure, is built with a height not lower than human height, so that it is convenient to enter and process the beds. The covering of such a greenhouse can be film - this is also a summer option. In the greenhouse, it is convenient to process the beds, tie up too long lashes and harvest.

For winter growing, film is not used, only glass or polycarbonate. Such a greenhouse is insulated, a foundation is brought under it, which will protect the soil from frost.

Greenhouse construction requires more labor and financial costs, so many people prefer to do with greenhouses. The exception is those gardeners who are engaged in the winter cultivation of cucumbers or do business on it.

Materials for summer greenhouses for cucumbers

Summer greenhouses are installed on the garden beds and do not require a solid foundation. To make the base of the ridge for a greenhouse, a tree is used, waterproofing is made of roofing material, and the base of the ridge is covered with rubble and sand.


Film is best for covering. The choice of its types is extensive, but many of them are just a marketing ploy of manufacturers. What films should you pay attention to:

  • reinforced film. They promise a service life of up to 3 years;
  • polyvinyl chloride - has good light transmittance and protects from ultraviolet radiation, the service life is 3-7 years;
  • perennial films - polyethylene films with improving additives, for example, hydrophilic (condensation does not form on it inside the greenhouse), light-converting (with UV protection), etc.


For a greenhouse, which most often has an arched shape, metal or plastic arcs will be the ideal frame. They are durable and comfortable.

A photo

You can visually see how a greenhouse for cucumbers looks like in the photo below:

Preparation for construction

Before starting the construction of a greenhouse, we choose a place. It should be sunny, not very windy, not swampy. There should be a convenient approach to the greenhouse, so it is better to build it a little away from the main beds. Free space around it is necessary for minor repairs and for assembling the structure. The orientation of the greenhouse should be from east to west. The surface of the site must be flat.

Drawing and calculations

The size of the greenhouse is calculated based on the number of beds on it. If it is convenient to approach it in two directions, you can make 2 ridges of 60 cm each. The length depends on how many cucumbers you want to grow. The height of a film greenhouse is usually no more than 1 m. In order to avoid difficulties and inaccuracies during construction, make a drawing indicating the dimensions.

More material will be needed to build a greenhouse, since it will be higher - up to 2.5 meters. The foundation for it must also be more solid for greater structural stability.


A tree is often used as a foundation for a greenhouse - tarred boards are laid in a prepared trench along the perimeter, placing them on the edge and fastening them with corners. It will last no more than 3-5 years. The best option for a removable structure would be pipes dug into the ground. You can also attach arcs to them under the cover. Greenhouses are often installed without a foundation at all.

When building a large greenhouse, blocks of foam concrete or cinder blocks are laid out as a foundation in a trench around the perimeter. Anchor bolts are screwed on top of a bar to which the frame is attached.

You can learn more about the construction of a small greenhouse for cucumbers in the video below:

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse in winter

The optimal sizes for her:

  • width - 2.5 m
  • height - 2.3 m
  • length - 4.5 m

With this size, you will need about 55 square meters for the roof and side walls. m of film, for facades - 10.5 sq. m. The number of arcs - 6 pcs., the length of each of them - 9.95 m. The beams from the metal profile are calculated along the length of the greenhouse - there must be at least 5 of them - and the required number for the device of the entrance door and ventilation vents from the opposite side ...

Operating procedure:

  • a trench is dug up to a depth of 40 cm and covered with rubble and sand;
  • You can put biofuel on the bottom of the bed, which will constantly heat the bed, which is very important for thermophilic cucumbers;
  • foam blocks are laid out under the foundation, a beam of 100 x 100 mm is fixed on top;
  • arcs are fixed on the bar every 75 cm;
  • the transverse beams are fixed on arcs so that cells measuring 75 x 75 cm are formed (the beams can be made from a narrow metal profile);
  • The arcs are covered with a film, which is fixed at the bottom along the perimeter of the greenhouse with a bar.
  • The facades are closed separately, and the door and window are mounted.

If you use reinforced film to cover the greenhouse, it does not have to be disassembled in the fall. Such a film can withstand the weight of snow and can last for several years.

It must be remembered that cucumbers love heat and humidity... The more airtight the greenhouse is for them, the more comfortable they will feel. But in this case, there is a danger of condensation on the film, which is fraught with the development of fungal infections. When choosing a film, pay attention to its hydrophilic qualities. Perennial film with special additives can be purchased.

Choose the most convenient greenhouse, build and enjoy a rich harvest of delicious cucumbers.

Watch the video: Winter Garden and Greenhouse- Can I Keep These Veggies Growing? (July 2022).


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