"De Barao Red" - decoration of your site and a high yield of tomatoes

In the spring, there is a lot of trouble on the site, you need to put the beds in order, prepare the tools and choose seedlings for planting this season. For greenhouse owners, I would like to tell you about a special variety of tomatoes.

This is a guest in our country, he is called "De Barao Red". Its fruits will delight you with their beauty and excellent taste. Read more about these tomatoes in our article.

Tomato "De Barao Red": variety description

De Barao Red was bred in Brazil. In Russia, he gained fame since the 90s. Received state registration as a greenhouse variety in 1998. Since then, it has earned popularity among amateur gardeners and farmers growing tomatoes for sale. "De Barao Red" is a medium late, very tall, up to 2-3 meters variety of tomatoes, from planting seedlings to the ripening of the first fruits it takes 120-130 days. The bush is indeterminate, not standard. Resistant to most diseases.

Due to its very high growth, it is still better to grow it in tall greenhouses, since in the open field there is a possibility of damage to the plant by gusts of wind. De Barao Red is known for its good yields. With proper care, up to 6 kg is usually harvested from one plant, but most often it is 4-5 kg... With a planting scheme of 3 bushes per sq. m, about 15 kg comes out, which is a fairly good indicator.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
De Barao redup to 15 kg per square meter
Morozko18-24 kg per square meter
Union 815-19 kg per square meter
Balcony miracle2 kg per bush
Red dome17 kg per square meter
Blagovest f116-17 kg per square meter
King of the early12-15 kg per square meter
Nikola8 kg per square meter
Ob domes4-6 kg per bush
King of Beauty5.5-7 kg per bush
Pink fleshy5-6 kg per square meter

The main advantages of these tomatoes include:

  • beautiful appearance;
  • shade tolerance of the plant;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • resistance to diseases and pests;
  • good yield.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • in open ground in areas with cold summers it ripens only in a greenhouse;
  • does not go well with other varieties of tomatoes;
  • requires careful pruning of branches;
  • suitable only for tall greenhouses.


Ripe fruits are bright red in color, elongated in shape, in the form of cream. Tomatoes of medium and small size 80-120 gr. The number of chambers is 2-3, the dry matter content is about 5-6%. The harvested fruits can be stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well. These tomatoes have excellent taste and are very good fresh. De Barao Red fruits are perfect for canning and pickling. Juices and pastes from these tomatoes are rarely made.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
De Barao red80-120 grams
Japanese Truffle black120-200 grams
Morozko50-200 grams
Octopus f1150 grams
Red cheeks100g
Pink fleshy350 grams
Red dome150-200 grams
Honey cream60-70 grams
Siberian early maturing60-110 grams
Domes of Russia500 gram
Sugar cream20-25 grams

A photo

Growing features

For cultivation in open ground, this variety is suitable for the southern regions, such as the Astrakhan region, Krasnodar Territory or Crimea, in cooler places it will not have time to ripen, as it is a late variety. In areas of the middle lane, it is grown in greenhouse shelters.

Due to their very high growth, the bushes of "De Barao Red" must be tied up, and props must be made under its branches, otherwise they may break off. The bush is usually formed into 2 stems, but it happens that in one, this issue must be approached especially carefully. Tomatoes of this variety respond very well to complex feeding.

The features include the high growth of the bush, it can reach 300 cm. Also among the features can be noted the resistance of this species to diseases, but the main feature is that it does not tolerate the neighborhood with other types of tomatoes. This feature is often considered to be its main drawback.

Diseases and pests

This type of tomato has very good disease resistance, but can still suffer from bacterial black spot. To get rid of this disease, use the drug "Fitolavin". Top rot of the fruit may also be affected. With this disease, the plant is sprayed with a solution of calcium nitrate and watering is reduced.

Of the most likely pests of this giant, the Colorado potato beetle and slugs are affected. The Colorado potato beetle is fought by picking it by hand, then the plant is treated with Prestige. Slugs can be fought with a special solution that you can make yourself. To do this, you need to take a spoonful of hot pepper or dry mustard in 10 liters of water, water the soil around the plant with this solution.

This is a rather difficult variety to care for, so it is more suitable for experienced gardeners. But do not worry, you can ask more experienced neighbors for advice, they will help you cope with the problem. Good luck and rich harvests!


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