Berries and business: growing strawberries in a greenhouse all year round with positive profitability

Berries and business: growing strawberries in a greenhouse all year round with positive profitability

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Fresh strawberries are tasty and healthyhowever, it can only be enjoyed for a few months a year.

High demand Is a good reason to build your own berry business.

By growing strawberries in a greenhouse, you can provide a family with fresh berries and make good money.

Which greenhouse is right for you?

Ideal for growing strawberries a greenhouse made of metal frame is suitablesheathed with polycarbonate sheets. It is better for farmers to build medium sized greenhouses (100 - 120 sq. M). Polycarbonate can be replaced with a double layer of polyethylene film, but this coating will have to be renewed after 1-2 years.

Large greenhouses are more likely to use steel-framed greenhouses covered with glass. The pitched roof structure provides good natural light and does not allow the snow to linger. Glass retains heat well, but it costs significantly more than film and polycarbonate.

Strawberries are grown in industrial conditions in a rack method, or use Dutch suspended technology. Industrial greenhouses for strawberries with this arrangement saves space and makes harvesting easier. Planting strawberry bushes directly into the ground is also possible.

Hydroponic technologies make the process cheaper, but significantly impair the taste of berries. They acquire a characteristic watery taste and lose their aroma. A greenhouse with a blank wall lined with cinder blocks will help save on heating. Usually the northern wall is deaf.

The blocks reliably protect the greenhouse from cold winds, and they can also provide additional heating on the principle of a solar battery. The greenhouse should be equipped with a ventilation system and drip irrigation, good lighting.

Business advantages and disadvantages

Business for growing strawberries in a greenhouse has many advantagesmaking it especially attractive to newbies.

  1. Strawberries are very popular. It is eagerly bought by both end consumers and shops and catering establishments.
  2. Competition is low, strawberries in sufficient quantities are present on the market for no more than 3 months a year.
  3. Imported berries are significantly inferior in taste and aroma to domestic varieties grown in soil.
  4. In the winter-spring period, the markups for strawberries increase significantly.

Among the disadvantages business can be noted:

  • costs for the construction and equipment of greenhouses;
  • high the cost of electricity for heating;
  • the need to register a legal entity to work with stores;
  • in the summer season, the product margin goes down.

Variety selection

For cultivation in a greenhouse, a remontant strawberry that does not require pollination is ideal. Indoors, both early and mid-season varieties can be planted.

It is important to choose options with sufficiently dense berries that can tolerate transportation well. Consumers prefer brightly colored large strawberries regular shape with a rich aroma.

Among the most popular varieties:

  1. Alba... Compact bushes with good yields. Early variety, disease resistant. The berries are bright red, beautifully conical in shape, well transported and retain an attractive appearance for a long time (see photo below).
  2. Daryonka... A variety of Russian selection, resistant to fungal diseases and pests. The berries are large, red, have a pleasant sweet taste and good density (see photo below).
  3. Octave... Very early variety, suitable for greenhouses and open ground. Gives excellent yields, berries are large and fragrant, do not crumple during transportation.
  4. Sonata... Juicy and tender berry with a pleasant taste and bright aroma. The variety tolerates temperature fluctuations well, is resistant to pests (see photo below).
  5. Rusanovskaya... An early variety, in a heated greenhouse, it can produce several harvests per year. The berries ripen together, have a rich color and a beautiful rounded shape. Stored well.
  6. Honey... A very early ripe variety, the berries are large, bright red, conical in shape, have a rich sweet and sour taste and a delicate aroma. The variety tolerates temperature changes well, but is sensitive to soil nutrition (see photo below).

Entrepreneurs with experience in greenhouse farming recommend choosing varieties of Russian, Dutch, American and Polish selection. They take root well in protected ground, do not get sick and give good yields.

Greenhouse equipment rules

Even at the construction stage of the greenhouse it is important to think over the system heating. The most convenient option is to combine biofuels with artificial heating. An infrared cable or pipes are laid underground, through which warm air is chased. For heating, you can use an electric boiler or a fire, as well as stove stoves.

Prepare biofuelsby mixing horse, pork or goat manure with straw, spilling the mixture with water, covering with foil and leaving for several days. Rotted manure is laid out under the topsoil. This mixture maintains the greenhouse temperature up to 25ºC.

Highly important pointsoil preparation... Strawberries need a light mixture of equal parts of turf and humus with the addition of ash and mineral fertilizers.

To optimize acidity, a mixture of superphosphate and potassium chloride is suitable. The soil must be thoroughly loosened.

For suspended technologies, you can use a peat-perlite mixture, which must be steamed. The prepared substrate is poured into plastic sleeves and placed on racks installed along the walls of the greenhouse. Nutritious the mixture retains moisture well and accelerates the development of strawberry bushes. The Dutch system increases the yield of strawberries, allowing 8 kg of berries to be removed from one sleeve.

Strawberry care

The grown seedlings are planted in the greenhouse. With Dutch hanging technology, each bush is placed in a separate pot filled with nutrient medium. When planted in the ground, bushes placed in rows with a distance of 30-45 cm... To optimize irrigation and maintain the desired humidity level in the greenhouse, an automatic drip system should be installed.

The soil should not dry out, but flooding is also unacceptable. Stagnation of water in the soil provokes a disease with gray rot, which can ruin the crop. Humidity in the greenhouse should not fall below 80%... After the bushes take root, you need to ventilate the room daily.

Once every two weeks, it is required to apply mineral fertilizers: ammonium nitrate diluted in water and potassium chloride. After the beginning of flowering, you need increase the temperature gradually in the greenhouse, this will accelerate the ripening of the berries, make their taste bright and rich.

Accounting for income and expenses

Before starting work, a detailed business plan is drawn up, taking into account upcoming expenses and projected income. The list of expenses must include:

  • lease or purchase of land;
  • building materials for greenhouses and the cost of its construction;
  • greenhouse equipment (ventilation, irrigation, lighting);
  • purchase of planting material, fertilizers and insecticides;
  • fare;
  • registration of a legal entity (required to work with retail chains);
  • salary of hired personnel.

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse all year round as a business, it is not cheap for a private owner.

Construction and equipment of a polycarbonate greenhouse with an area of ​​100 sq. m will cost 90,000 rubles. You will have to pay for heating and fertilizers from 15,000 rubles per month. Another 15,000 rubles will have to be spent on the purchase of planting material, about 10,000 rubles is the cost of registering a legal entity and obtaining certificates for products.

Reducing costs will help:

  • use of combined fuels;
  • growing seedlings on their own, from seeds;
  • refusal from hired labor;
  • replacing polycarbonate for covering the greenhouse with a cheaper film.

Calculate the estimated farm income. With a yield of 5 kg per 1 sq. m can be removed from 400 kg of berries. The average purchase price is 600 rubles per kilogram. The price varies throughout the year from 200 to 800 rubles per kg, depending on the season. Thus, profit from one greenhouse will be 240,000 rubles per month... The profitability of a business on strawberries in a greenhouse is from 50%.

In winter, the margin for a berry increases by 1.5 times. This is due to a decrease in supply and high demand from retail chains. However, it should be noted that heating costs also increase during this period.

Many farmers refuse from growing strawberries in winter, preferring earlier planting and an extension of the fruiting period until November.

If you decide to do another business of growing flowers, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes or other vegetables in a greenhouse, then look at the articles on our website.

Entrepreneurs who decide to grow strawberries in winter should advance sign contracts with retail chains and enterprises Catering. This will help minimize scrap rates and stabilize income.

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