Tasty and easy-to-grow hybrid tomato variety "Novichok Pink"

Tasty and easy-to-grow hybrid tomato variety

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With the arrival of spring, the question of what to plant in a summer cottage becomes more and more relevant? There are varieties of tomatoes that are suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners. For example, "Pink Newbie" is interesting and popular among farmers and gardeners.

You will learn more about these tomatoes from our article. In it, we have prepared for you not only a complete description of the variety, but also its characteristics and cultivation features.

Tomato "Pink Novichok": variety description

Variety nameRookie pink
general descriptionMid-season determinant variety
Ripening period100-110 days
The formRounded, slightly elongated
Average weight of tomatoes120-200 grams
Variety yield6-8 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

“Pink Novichok” was bred by Ukrainian specialists, received state registration in Russia as an independent variety in 2006. Since then, it has earned popularity among gardeners and farmers who grow tomatoes in large quantities. The plant is determinant, standard. The bush itself is low 70-90 centimeters. Recommended for growing in greenhouses and outdoors. This type of tomato is resistant to many typical diseases.

Tomato "Pink Novice" belongs to medium-early varieties, from planting seedlings to the first fruits of varietal maturity, it takes about 100-110 days. This variety is known for its yield.... With proper care of tomato bushes and under favorable environmental conditions, you can get a pretty good harvest, up to 6-8 kilograms per square meter. meters.

Among the main advantages of the "Pink Novice" gardeners note:

  • High productivity.
  • Disease resistance.
  • High palatability of fruits.
  • The versatility of using ripe tomatoes.

Among the features of the "Newbie Pink" noted amicable ripening of tomatoes, as well as resistance to typical diseases. Finished fruits are well tolerated for long-term storage and transportation over long distances. Among the disadvantages, it was noted that this is a very thermophilic variety, and therefore, even in the middle lane, it is better to grow it in greenhouses, since the summer can be cool.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
Rookie pink6-8 kg per square meter
Apples in the snow2.5 kg per bush
Samara11-13 kg per square meter
Apple tree of Russia3-5 kg ​​per bush
Valentine10-12 kg per square meter
Kate15 kg per square meter
Explosion3 kg per bush
Crimson ringing18 kg per square meter
Yamal9-17 kg per square meter
Crystal9.5-12 kg per square meter


  • After the fruits reach varietal maturity, they acquire a bright pink or even red color.
  • Tomatoes are not large, in mass they reach 120-200 grams.
  • Rounded in shape, slightly elongated.
  • The average amount of dry matter is 4-6%;
  • Cameras 3-5.
  • Ripe fruits tolerate long-term storage well.

The versatility of the use of the crop is one of the advantages of this tomato. This type of tomato is very suitable for making homemade preparations. Also good enough when fresh. Tomato juice can be made from the largest fruits.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Rookie pink120-2000 grams
Tsar Peter130 gram
Peter the First30-250 grams
Black Moor50 grams
Apples in the snow50-70 grams
Samara85-100 grams
Sensei400 gram
Cranberries in sugar15 gram
Raspberry Viscount400-450 grams
The Tsar Bellup to 800 grams

A photo

Photos of the tomato variety "Pink Novichok" you will see below:

Growing recommendations

If this species is grown in open ground, then the southern regions, the Astrakhan region, the Krasnodar Territory, the North Caucasus and others are suitable for this. For growing in greenhouse shelters, areas of the middle lane and more northern regions are suitable. At the same time, the advantages of the variety are not lost.

There is no special growing technique for this tomato. You just need to timely pick, pinch, and trim excess branches. It is necessary to feed with fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus. The watering regime is the same as for ordinary varieties, but the temperature must be taken more carefully, he loves warmth.

Diseases and pests

This variety is resistant to most diseases. But still, do not forget about preventive measures. Timely weeding of the soil, watering regime and temperature, fertilization and top dressing of the soil will help to avoid most of the troubles. In greenhouses and greenhouses, the main attack of tomatoes is the greenhouse whitefly, and this variety is no exception. They are fighting with it with the help of the drug "Confidor".

In open ground, slugs and spider mites are often annoyed. With this parasite, the most effective is a soap solution, which is used to wash the affected areas of the plant. The slugs will go away when the soil is soldered, and for fidelity, add hot pepper to the soil at the rate of 1 teaspoon per sq. meter.

This variety is good for everyone, both in yield and disease resistance. Good luck and success in growing tomatoes to everyone. Good luck and good fees!

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