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Laying coffee in the ground

Laying coffee in the ground

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Question: Laying coffee in the ground

Hi, I congratulate the experts and those who compose this wonderful site that is truly exhaustive, clear and effective, from which I learn a great deal with great benefit and positive repercussions for my balcony plants. I would like to ask you a question: I remember that my mother used to periodically put coffee on plants, often simple remedies once used are effective. Do you think it could be considered a good practice? Thanks and congratulations again. Patrizia Capozzi

Answer: Laying coffee in the ground

Dear Patrizia,
coffee scraps are a great product to use in the composter, or even to add to the earth of the vases on the balcony, because they improve the structure, as for example the sand does. Clear that in a 20cm diameter pot a single coffee waste, at most two, are already sufficient as a soil improver, it is not advisable to use large quantities of exhausted coffee in the jars; in addition to this it is good to wait until it is cold and dry before putting it in the jars.
So if we are great coffee lovers, and we prepare more than 3 every day, surely we will have large quantities of waste coffee that we will not be able to use in the jars, but only insert in the composter.


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