Cucaracha from bedbugs instructions for getting rid

Cucaracha from bedbugs instructions for getting rid

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The invasion of bed bugs (home) is not such a rare phenomenon today. Previously, it was believed that these nimble insects settle only in apartments with unsanitary conditions, but this is not the case.

These uninvited guests can penetrate absolutely any room, causing the owners a lot of trouble, the biggest of which is bites all over the body, accompanied by unbearable itching.

Usually bugs enter houses from neighbors through cracks in the floor, electrical outlets. You can also bring them with you from business trips, bring along with purchases from the market or store.

At the first suspicion of the presence of these pests in your apartment, you should quickly take the necessary measures to destroy them, without waiting for the massive spread of this "plague".

How to kill bed bugs? The drug "Cucaracha". Description.

How to deal with bedbugs and win? It is problematic to destroy this army alone, since the pests lay eggs in inaccessible places and the appearance of new individuals after a short period of time will not be long in coming. You can resort to the help of special sanitary and epidemiological services. Or you can try lime bedbugs using the latest chemicals that are quite effective.

One of the most effective remedies in the fight against household pests is the drug "Cucaracha".

"Cucaracha" from bedbugs - this is an insecticidal agent produced in the form of an emulsion of light yellow or bluish color with a pungent disgusting odor (bottles of 50 ml and 1000 ml). This drug is not available in powders and gels.

The main substances that make up "Cucarachi" are Malathion (toxic and poisonous, has a detrimental effect on the organisms of arthropod domestic pests) and Cypermethrin (affects the nervous system of bedbugs, paralyzes them. Practically insensitive to high temperatures and ultraviolet light).

These components complement each other well, thereby enhancing the effect of the drug and destroying bedbugs within a few seconds after treatment. "Cucaracha" does not act on bedbug eggs, but, due to the preservation of its activity for 3-4 weeks, kills the hatched larvae. The emulsion is thick in consistency and requires dilution with ordinary tap water.

REFERENCE! Means "Cucaracha" are diluted in warm water! 2.5 grams of emulsion per 1 liter of water. In warm water, the volatility of poisonous molecules increases several times, as a result of which the effectiveness of the drug increases.

Emulsion "Cucaracha" is used for etching:

  • both residential and non-residential premises;
  • kindergartens (excluding bedrooms);
  • sanatoriums;
  • catering establishments;

Instructions for use. Preparation, processing, cleaning.

Before insecticide treatment, the premises (residential or non-residential) must be prepared.

For this you need:

  1. window curtains, clothes to pack and take out of the room (later all this must be washed);
  2. tear off the wallpaper from those places where they lag behind, there may be bedbug nests behind them;
  3. remove food from kitchen cabinets. Either take them out of the apartment, or place them in the refrigerator (cereals, sugar, flour);
  4. expel all residents and pets (if any) from the apartment for the duration of the processing;
  5. furniture must be moved away from the walls;
  6. remove all hanging paintings and posters;
  7. tear off the baseboards;
  8. prepare protective clothing and goggles and a respirator, since the drug is highly toxic;

IMPORTANT! The drug "Cucaracha" belongs to the 3rd class of hazard. It is toxic. Work with him must be carried out in a protective suit, glasses, rubber gloves. A respirator is also desirable. If the product comes into contact with the skin, wash it off with water. At the slightest sign of poisoning (nausea, dizziness), consult a doctor!

The treatment of the premises is carried out from the spray gun as follows:

  1. first of all, the agent is sprayed in places of the greatest accumulation of insects: sockets, beds, wardrobes, upholstered furniture, bedside tables;
  2. then the walls, ceiling, baseboards are sprayed along the perimeter. If the floors in the room are wooden, treat each crevice;
  3. windows and doors must be closed, wiring de-energized;
  4. in case of massive damage by bedbugs, panels, wallpaper and carpets must be torn from the walls for subsequent processing of the surfaces behind them

Cleaning after treatment with an insecticide is carried out no earlier than a day later.

First, you should ventilate the room well by opening wide all windows and doors for 2-3 hours. Then the dead insects are collected with a vacuum cleaner, after which the bag in which the bugs were located is burned. The floors and furniture are washed with soapy water. Work is carried out with gloves.

"Pluses" and "minuses" of the insecticidal agent "Cucaracha".


  • inexpensive for the price;
  • economical to use, a small bottle (50 ml) is enough to process one private house or two-room apartment;
  • easy to buy in almost any household chemical store;
  • high efficiency;
  • <>> a lot of positive reviews;
  • subject to all processing rules, repeated pest control may not be required, since the active effect of the agent lasts for 2-3 weeks;


  • does not affect oviposition of bedbugs, in connection with which it is recommended to re-processing after a short period of time;
  • toxicity... Not fatal, but harmful enough to humans and animals;
  • not released in finished form, it is required to dilute, observing the exact dosage;
  • after processing, the room must be left for a day, which is not always convenient;

It should be remembered that no remedy gives a 100% guarantee of the destruction of bedbugs. According to user reviews, "Cucaracha" is a fairly effective drug that is popular. The main thing is to follow all the necessary rules for disinfestation of premises, only in this case you can get the expected result - getting rid of the "bug plague" forever.

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