The most effective methods of dealing with moles

The most effective methods of dealing with moles

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The mole is a small animal, the main habitat of the animal is the underground space.

Moles grow most often in fertile soil and pose a great danger to the crop, since they are capable of breaking multi-meter tunnels underground, as a result of which damage to the root system of plants can be caused.

Timely prevention of negative consequences from the life of moles will help preventive measures and methods of struggle, as well as the destruction of moles in the summer cottage with your own hands or folk remedies.


The most reliable way to protect a land plot from moles is considered preventing their occurrence, this method of dealing with moles on a personal plot may not be affordable for everyone, but you need to know about it.

Installation of a special fence around the perimeter of the garden will provide optimal protection against the entry of animals. As a material, galvanized mesh, roofing felt or slate can be used, the fence should rise 15-20 cm on the ground and go 50-60 cm deep.

The fence will be an obstacle to digging tunnels.

Earthen paths with soil well compacted along the perimeter of the site will help to complicate the penetration of moles into the site. It is best to refuse firecrackers, soil poisoning and other extreme methods.

Another effective method of prevention is considered placement on high poles of unbalanced propellers (with blades of different sizes), as a result of their rotation, vibration is created, which passes into the ground.

Such devices must work in a continuous mode, the best sound propagation is provided in dense soil.

Here's how to get rid of a mole from the site: install a couple of electronic scarers that should work year-round, the number should be reduced by winter.

A photo

Before you get rid of a mole on the site, you need to find out how it looks. Our photo gallery will help you see a small rodent:

Catching moles with cats and dogs

To scare away moles pets can be used, this method is effective if hunting is of interest to pets, and if no hunts have been carried out with the use of chemicals before.

Many dogs love to dig in the ground, and cats are not indifferent to hunting, very often in practice there are cases when pets helped to rid the site of pests.

In order to encourage pets to attack the mole, it is necessary to study the moves and exits of the pest, and lead a dog or cat to a place where movement is noticed... Next time the animals will take the initiative on their own.


Special poisons sold in appropriate stores, they must be decomposed into moves, after which the pests die.

You can also use self-prepared poisonous substances, for this you need to boil wheat grains, mix them with pesticides, mix and bury them in the ground at a distance of at least 15 cm. After a few weeks, it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

Using mole rats for pest control

The the method is not considered humane, but is often used in difficult situations when the activities of an underground landscape designer bring irreparable harm.

There are a lot of models of mole rats today, most often they are made by hand, the devices are triggered when the animal passes a certain area, causing the pest to die.

Electrical devices are considered the most common; it is about them that you can find many positive reviews.

Scare away

There is a stereotype who moles are afraid of different sounds and noises, having heard which they hide for tens of meters from the territory dangerous for them.

Pests fear rattles, blown plastic bottles, and other noisemakers that may be purchased or made in the store. There is also proven evidence that only a tenth of individuals react to such repellents, most often this happens completely by accident.

Before buying such devices, you must also think about in which direction, in case of a successful outcome, the mole will move, he can move to an adjacent site or through one. All of these consequences must be carefully weighed.

Many believe that it is simply impossible to install noisy scarers over the entire area of ​​the summer cottage; when working on a separate area of ​​a large allotment, the point in driving the moles somewhere else is lost.

Moles are sensitive to an unpleasant odor, one of the means to combat them is considered to be placed in the tunnels. rags soaked in kerosene and turpentine, carbide and tar can also be poured into the holes, and water can be poured from above.

The holes made must be well buried. Some gardeners use foul-smelling substances (rotten food debris, herring, etc.), but it must be borne in mind that animals can just bypass this place, and turning the entire site into a landfill does not make sense.

Traps and traps

If there are a large number of moles on the site, it is recommended to use special traps and traps, the place of their installation must be fenced.

Trap models:

  • A device in the form of a pipe with two lids at both ends - such a device is not effective, the pest often bypasses a foreign object. The mole does not go into such a trap due to the fact that the walls in the trap are smooth, and they are used to pushing off from a rough surface;
  • The diameter of the trap of the second type is equal to the size of the hole, the inner surface of the device is rough, and the valves prevent the mole from escaping. Such devices are more efficient and more expensive.

The installation of the trap is carried out directly into the mine, after which it is sprinkled with earth. The device is triggered when the animal, passing by, accidentally touches a spring or valve.

The trap is also not considered one hundred percent perfect, as otherwise the devices would be in high demand. Moles turn out to be not so stupid and bypass the trap in other moves.

Planting repellent plants

Moles are distinguished by an increased sense of smell, this feature can be used when planting the following plants:

  • Black beans planted around the perimeter will help get rid of pests, the distance between them should be 30 cm;
  • Onions and garlic allow you to drive out moles only for a while, while they grow on the site, after harvesting the animals immediately return;
  • Nuts - this method allows you to protect a limited area of ​​the site from moles, so its effectiveness is questionable.

Calling the site cleaning service

Currently, there are special brigades to combat rats and mice, with moles the situation is somewhat more complicated.

Much depends on the professional level of employees, the quality of the drugs used, the complexity of the tunnel passages. If everything is done correctly, the moles will leave the site in a few hours, if mistakes are made, the pests will return back after a while.

Other ways and folk methods

Attach rigid tee hooks to a wire 30-40 cm long and 1 mm in diameter, the distance between them should be 7-8 cm.A loop should be made at one end, the other end with a hook attached to it should be inserted into the hole, inserted into the loop. ground metal pin.

When attaching hooks, the sharp ends should be towards the loop. If the mole moves towards the hole, the hooks will not harm it; when moving in the opposite direction, the animal will catch on them.

When digging up bait with a shovel, it is recommended to be careful, as the animal has enough strength to inflict injury.

Take a pipe made of plastic, the size of which should be equal to the diameter of the hole, pour poison into it, put a trap in the hole, cover it with earth and leave it for several days.

From time to time it is necessary to dig out the ground and check whether the poison is in place, add more if necessary. If the substance is in place after the second check, the mole was removed.


All of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, while it must be borne in mind that moles are not absolute evil.

They may even be useful, as a result of their activity, soil ventilation improves, May beetles disappear, since moles feed on their larvae (what benefit and harm do moles bring?).

Now, knowing how to remove moles from a summer cottage effectively, when choosing a method, it is recommended focus on the most humane methods, it is better to set the caught animals free, away from civilization.


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