Insects at home? How to get rid of red ants in an apartment?

Insects at home? How to get rid of red ants in an apartment?

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Red ants are frequent guests in apartments and houses. Thanks to direct access to food waste (floor, trash can), they grow in numbers very quickly.

The nest of these insects is usually located in a dark, inaccessible place - for example, in the floor, cavities under the tiles, channels for wiring in the walls.

How to get rid of red ants in an apartment?

Ginger ants in the apartment, how to get rid of them? It should be understood that it is pointless to fight ginger house ants simply by destroying any individual that finds itself in an open space. Such ants are simple workers, bringing food to the nest, and the uterus can quickly restore their numbers. Therefore, it is necessary either to destroy the nest and kill all the queens (of which there may be several red ants), or poison them using chemicals.

Insect control should combine an effective remedy for ginger ants in the apartment, as well as its correct use. It is advisable to involve neighbors in this process, because insects can leave their current place of residence and move to a new one.

ATTENTION! It is necessary to understand that a large colony of ants with nests on different floors can live in one multi-storey building.

At the same time, workers from different settlements may come to the apartment in search of food.

All methods for fighting ants can be roughly divided into several groups:

  • special gels;
  • insect aerosols;
  • crayons and dusts;
  • hiring a specialized insect control firm;
  • physical destruction of nests;
  • folk methods.

Any of them has both advantages and disadvantages. In order to most successfully fight ants, it is best to combine several methods at the same time.

Aerosols - a very effective tool that allows you to instantly deliver poison to places where it is impossible to get physically. When spraying, vapors along with air currents are carried around the room, and it is difficult for an ant to avoid contact with them.

    Procedure when working with aerosols:
  1. When using aerosol, you need to carry out preparatory work - remove all people and pets from the room, close the aquariums with glass, remove carpets from the walls, move furniture.
  2. It is necessary to treat all available surfaces with an aerosol as much as possible, and it is not necessary that one can be enough.
  3. After processing, the apartment must be left for a few hours.
  4. Perform wet cleaning.

Gels - they act oppositely to aerosol, attracting insects to themselves. The ants feed on it, and also try to deliver it to the colony to be used as food for the larvae and the uterus. Usually, such drugs have a prolonged duration of action.

The use of the gel does not give an instant effect, however, due to the delay, it is capable of destroying even several colonies located in other parts of a multi-storey building.

IMPORTANT! The big plus of the gel is its viscosity, which allows you to apply the bait to vertical surfaces.

Crayons and powders (dusts) - one of the most common ways to fight ants. Stripes are applied with crayons where insects move, with the help of powders, paths are poured. The main advantage of this method is availability and low cost. They are also good for prophylaxis, applying stripes in places of possible occurrence.

Ant traps - often found in specialized stores, but in practice they are not very effective, since only worker ants enter them.

Folk remedies - this includes a large number of both frightening and destructive techniques. So, sunflower oil, garlic, turpentine, kerosene are usually used to scare away, which are placed on the places where ants pass, or near products. For destruction, brewer's and ordinary yeast, boric acid and many others are used. There are a large number of ways to create an effective tool based on them.

Ginger house ants are insects that live in a dense group headed by the uterus. Usually, in the room you can see workers who are engaged in the preparation and delivery of food. Their destruction will not bring significant harm to the colony, therefore it is necessary to destroy the nest itself or kill the queen. A wide range of chemicals can be used to accomplish this task - crayons, traps, gel, or call in a dedicated insect control team.

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