A guest from the Middle Kingdom: how to keep Peking cabbage for the winter at home?

A guest from the Middle Kingdom: how to keep Peking cabbage for the winter at home?

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Fresh Chinese cabbage much less storedthan white cabbage.

But even when choosing the most suitable varieties, and if all storage rules are observed, fresh heads of cabbage can be eaten only until the New Year.

To keep this vegetable even longer, sourdough, drying and freezing will help.

You can find information on how to store other types of cabbage, such as savoy, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, broccoli or cauliflower on our website.

Variety selection

Which varieties of Chinese cabbage are best for storage? For quick use in food, you can give a choice to those varieties that are most satisfy taste preferences person.

For example, the "orange tangerine" will ripen quickly and yield a harvest within a month and a half after planting. But such heads of cabbage are small in size and will not be stored for a long time... For harvesting for the winter, it is necessary to grow large mid- and late-ripening varieties:

  • Vorozheya;
  • Sorceress;
  • Princess;
  • Russian size.

You should give preference domestic hybrids, because they are taken out taking into account the Russian climate.

Western ones are usually designed for milder weather conditions or for growing indoors.

Basic Rules

How to keep Peking cabbage for the winter? First you need cabbage collect in time... The absence of dry and sluggish leaves will affect the duration of further storage. For fresh harvesting, preference is given to varieties that are harvested in September.

External damaged leaves are cut off, but not all: the more greenery will stay on the head, the longer it will lie. Otherwise, no special preparation is required for storage. You can learn how and in what time frame other types of cabbage should be stored for storage from our articles.

How to store Chinese cabbage? Before storage, all heads of cabbage are carefully wrapped in cellophane and stacked in storage. If space permits, then for convenience it is better to put all the cabbage in wooden box.

Once every 2 weeks, the heads of cabbage are examined, in case of damage or the appearance of rot, the leaves are cut off and wrapped around the head new cling film... This is done so that putrefactive bacteria do not damage the cabbage again.

Where to store Chinese cabbage? It is best to store Chinese cabbage in a cellar or basement. It is quite damp and humid there, its microenvironment rarely allows the multiplication of microorganisms, and the heads of cabbage will be best preserved this way.

But this method can be hindered by the presence of some unwanted neighbors: for example, apples... This fruit gives off special substancewhich causes the delicate Chinese cabbage leaves to wither, thereby reducing shelf life.

Optimal conditions and terms

The room should have high humidity, but the head of cabbage should not form condensate.

The optimum value is 95% humidity. The most suitable temperature for this is from 0 to +2.

What are the rules for storing Chinese cabbage at home for the winter? In an apartment, cabbage can be stored in the refrigerator or on a cool glazed loggia, the temperature at which during the storage period does not drop below 0 degrees.

In general, the storage conditions should be the same as for the cellar: each head of cabbage is wrapped cling film, all cabbage is periodically inspected and damaged leaves are removed.

Storage conditions also greatly affect the time that cabbage can stay fresh. Any late-maturing head of cabbage will lie at least a month.

In the best possible scenario, compliance with all conditions and regular inspection, cabbage can be saved for a period up to 4 months.

If the harvest is big and you don't want it to deteriorate, then, in addition to fresh storage, some other ways of harvesting Peking cabbage for the winter will help.

Savings methods

How to store Chinese cabbage for the winter?

Fresh in the fridge

This method has already been discussed above. On an industrial scale, before being sold, heads of cabbage are stored in a refrigerator warehouse, stacking them in wooden boxes. IN home refrigerator cabbage, after using cling film, it is best to put it in a special compartment for vegetables. If this is not the case, or it does not fit in size, it is worth purchasing a large plastic container with a lid.

This method allows you to keep fresh Chinese cabbage. for salads, so it is worth considering how many heads of cabbage 1 person or family will be able to eat so that the product does not go to waste. If the vegetable was grown for soups, it is better to prepare the cabbage in advance for the winter in a different way.


For drying Chinese cabbage, use oven or special electric dryer:

  1. The external damaged leaves of the cabbage are cut off, and all the remaining leaves are finely cut into strips.
  2. Shredded cabbage is spread in a thin layer in a dryer or oven.
  3. The temperature regime is set for the oven 50-100 degrees, do not forget about convection mode or just leave the door ajar.
  4. In the electric dryer, the temperature is set 50-60 degrees.
  5. It will take 3-4 hours in the oven, about 5 hours in the dryer.

Then the dried cabbage is folded in bags and put into the closet.

It is best to take not polyethylene, but cotton - so the cabbage will not damp, but it will "breathe".


Peking cabbage is fermented a little differently than white cabbage. 5 kg of cabbage are finely chopped, add 300 ml of water, 50 ml of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt to the container, and 1 clove of garlic passed through a press.

Everything is mixed and transferred to where the cabbage will ferment. The mixture is properly tamped and put under oppression... In a day, cabbage pierce to the bottom, keep it for another day at room temperature, and then put it in the cold. Across 2 weeks it will be ready to eat.

Recipe salting Chinese cabbage for the winter in this video:


Pre-shredded frozen cabbage is great for soups... To do this, the outer leaves are also cut off from the heads of cabbage, and the remaining leaves are finely chopped and packaged in portions in plastic bags.

Then it is enough to put the blanks in the freezer and store them "on demand". Before freezing, the leaves can be blanch in boiling water, for which, after cutting, they are thrown into boiling salted water for 2-3 minutes, thrown into a colander and allowed to dry slightly on a paper towel.

You can learn how to freeze broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or white cabbage in our articles.

In a word, Chinese cabbage does not have a long shelf life fresh, but not in vain, Chinese cuisine is famous for its soups and pickles.

To preserve the harvest, finely chopped cabbages can be frozen, dried, or fermented.

And those wishing to celebrate the New Year with a salad from their own Peking cabbage should choose optimal conditions storing heads of cabbage and remember to check them regularly.

Watch the video: Growing Greens: How to Reduce Insect Pest Damage on Cabbage (May 2022).


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