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Root rot!

Root rot!

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Question: root rot!

Help! after a bit of disasters, my succulent plant, like cactus but I don't know its name, is rotting at the roots, ... what should I do? can you save !? thanks!

Answer: root rot!

Dear Chiara,
your cactus has probably received too many waterings, consider that in autumn and winter they should be left almost dry, and in a very bright place. To save it you will have to remove the still healthy part with a sharp knife and disinfect it; cut the cactus a little above where it has a soft, unhealthy appearance, then check inside the stem that the removed part has healthy, turgid and light-colored tissues. If by chance the rot inside has risen a little along the stem, clean the knife and make a further cut higher, until you get a cutting of your plant, completely healthy. At this point, sprinkle with plant fungicide, then place the cutting on a jar filled with fresh, clean soil mixed with little sand; dampen the soil slightly and place your cutting in a bright area, hoping it will root.


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