Secrets of technology for growing early varieties of tomatoes

Secrets of technology for growing early varieties of tomatoes

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Growing early tomatoes is a pretty curious experience. Any person, at least once carried away, will never give up this business.

If you approach these rather unpretentious plants with all your heart, they will surely reward you with a generous harvest and surprise you with a variety of colors, varieties and tastes.

Tomatoes contain almost the entire complex of vitamins, including carotene and ascorbic acid. They have a long growing season, from germination to ripening of the first fruit, it takes about 95-100 days.

Fruiting in the open field continues until the first autumn frosts.

The importance of preserving the first flower cluster in early tomatoes

The first flower cluster in early varieties is laid after the formation of seven to eight leaves, then dormant buds, which are located in the axils of the lower leaves, will begin to grow. They will give stepchildren or side shoots.

In the early ripening variety, each subsequent brush of the main shoot is laid approximately after one or two leaves. The first brush is also laid on the upper stepchild, under the first flower brush of the main shoot.

If the plant forms into two or three shoots, then the lateral stepsons are left in the leaf axils under the first flower brush of the main shoot, and the lower stepsons are necessarily removed.

Standard varieties are usually not pinned because they branch to a lesser extent than non-standard varieties. Along with the growth of the plant, new flower clusters are formed, but their formation delays the fruiting of the first clusters.

That is why, in order to get an earlier harvest, they limit the number of ovaries by pinching the main shoot above the fourth brush, and even above the second in greenhouses.

Preservation of the flowers of the first flower cluster is of great importance in obtaining early tomatoes. They often fall off at low temperatures and high humidity, as well as with a lack of phosphorus and an excess of nitrogen in the soil. The reason for subsidence may be excessive soil moisture without air access to the roots of the plant.

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Growth stimulants are used to preserve flowers and ovaries in early varieties. When spraying with such a preparation, the percentage of shedding decreases and the quality of the fruits increases. They become more fleshy, coarse and the percentage of dry matter increases. The effects of stimulants are best expressed when the plant is supplied with water and nutrients.

The quality of the seeds is of great importance in increasing yields and accelerating the ripening of tomatoes. The hardening of already swollen seeds at low temperatures and the obligatory hardening of seedlings contribute to an increase in early production. Such seedlings are planted two weeks earlier than usual, they will withstand short-term frosts in calm weather and will not shed flowers.

Early tomato care

Caring for early tomatoes consists in feeding and watering, which is especially important during the fruiting period. For the growth of early ripening tomatoes, the optimum temperature is 20-25̊ C. If the temperature is below 15̊C, flowering stops for a while, and if it is below 10 иC, the growth of tomatoes stops.

If the temperature is too high, the yield will also decrease, so the pollen will lose its vitality. With an increase in air humidity, plants are affected by bacterial and fungal diseases.

The relative humidity should not be more than 60%, therefore, when growing under film shelters or greenhouses, an inflow of fresh air is constantly required.

But before soil moisture, early tomatoes make increased demands, and especially during fruiting. In case of insufficient moisture, twisting of leaves, falling of ovaries, damage by apical rot, crushing of fruits can be observed.

Therefore, before the onset of ripening of early tomatoes, irrigation is carried out infrequently and moderately, and during fruiting - after two or three harvests, depending on the state of the soil and weather conditions. Moreover, the plants love watering through the furrows made. If you dry out the soil, get cracked fruits.

Also tomatoes are demanding on the presence of phosphorus. If phosphorus nutrition is not provided when growing seedlings, then none of the following phosphorus fertilizers will help in obtaining an early harvest.

An excess of nitrogen will lead to "fattening" of the plant and a delay in fruiting, and its deficiency will lead to poor leaf growth, which will not ensure normal fruiting. Potassium is also required throughout the growing season.

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Which variety of tomato to choose

There is no need to convince summer residents that a successful selection of a variety by half will ensure success in obtaining a high-quality and high yield. In addition, for your zone, you can select and determine the most suitable and resistant varieties and hybrids.

Popular and beloved in the pink-fruit collection are undersized varieties:

  • Zinulya,
  • Girlish heart
  • Rose of Wind,
  • Nastenka,
  • Fatima,
  • Early love;

and tall tomato varieties:

  • Raspberry Ozharovsky,
  • Miracle of the earth
  • Daddy,
  • Morning dew.

These are varieties with which, having once grown a crop, you will not part with it in the future, they are so good.

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The best varieties of tomato

The peculiarity and advantage of the new early varieties of tomatoes is the maximum adaptability to unfavorable conditions and stresses, which are abundant during the season. Viral diseases and late blight also make themselves felt.

Novelties of domestic breeders that deserve your attention and introduction: Japanese truffle, Gulliver, Pink stele, Prettyaga, Lunar delight, Golden fleece, Smile of summer, Khlebosolny.

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