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Wrought iron garden tables

Wrought iron garden tables

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Wrought iron garden tables

Anyone who owns a garden and has to furnish it needs, first of all, an outdoor table that is functional, has a beautiful aesthetic and, above all, lasts over time.
One of the materials that perfectly reflects all these features is, without a doubt, the iron that manages to give your garden a touch of class and elegance together with great stability.
Garden tables made of wrought iron, along with all the other furnishings made of the same material, are often used to create an English-style garden where nature blends with iron and creates a charming and balanced environment, full of style and class.
This type of table, being generally very heavy, represents a choice of fixed table so, before furnishing your garden with wrought iron elements, decide well how to organize the various areas and what space to dedicate to the table in order to buy a type of table that suits your needs well, also keep in mind how many people will have to host the table in order to choose the right size even if, lately, you can also find extendable iron tables and if you have little space you can definitely choose a folding iron table to add to the main table in case of need.
To furnish the garden with style, remember that you need to combine all the furniture in it so if you buy the wrought iron table even the chairs will have to be made of the same material and the same workmanship and, if you have a gazebo or an umbrella too these will have to be matched to the table in order to recreate a perfect style that all your friends will envy.

Types of iron

The iron that is generally used for the realization of garden tables is the galvanized iron that is treated in such a way as to resist atmospheric agents, rust and scratches, while wrought iron is simply a type of iron that undergoes processing detail designed to create beautiful decorations.
All types of iron are designed to remain outdoors without being ruined even if it is always preferable to place them under a gazebo or in a sheltered environment above all because the iron with the sun heats up considerably and therefore it would be impossible to dine on a hot table.
In general, iron garden tables are placed directly on the grass as they are very stable and heavy and can even stand on a surface that is not perfectly flat.


The models of iron garden tables are very numerous and you can easily find both small tables suitable for four people and very large tables designed to accommodate ten or more people, even the shapes are varied and range from square to rectangular tables and round, so you can easily choose the type of table you want.
The wrought iron table top can be smooth or it can have a knit type that makes it much more special and elegant and allows more air and water to pass through since it has many small holes.
The wrought iron models can be characterized by numerous friezes and decorations often made to be made specifically by those who buy the table so that the friezes recall the decorations already present in the garden.
There are also iron coffee tables that are small tables created as a support point or used near the garden sofas just to have coffee with friends.
Iron garden tables are usually painted but the colors used are mainly gray and black but tables of other colors can also be found while wrought iron is usually left in the natural color.


The iron, both the galvanized and the wrought one, does not require any particular maintenance as it is treated in such a way as to withstand atmospheric agents, but periodically it is good to check the whole structure and make sure that no rust has formed and, if necessary, provide for eliminate it.
To clean it just use a soft wet cloth and to eliminate the most resistant stains you can apply a little bit of vaseline oil on the stain which softens it and eliminates it, even before winter it is advisable to apply a little oil on the iron table of Vaseline so as to soften the joints and prepare it in the cold while to eliminate any deposits of limestone that have formed you can use a solution of water and vinegar.


To buy wrought iron garden tables, you can contact the shops specializing in the sale of outdoor furniture while for wrought iron tables you can order them from an iron craftsman who will tailor your table to you so you can request it in the form and in the size that best reflects your needs and you can also request the decoration that best matches your garden, logically a table made by hand and made to measure will surely have a higher cost than the one purchased in a store but will certainly have a superior visual and artistic effect, in any case always ask for various estimates in order to choose the most suitable solution for your garden.

Wrought iron garden tables: garden furniture: The characteristics of wrought iron

One of the characteristics of wrought iron is that it can be worked in any way.
It is a completely mouldable material, which is why it easily adapts to any proposed project, whatever its required shape and size.
Wrought iron is entirely handmade and this obviously increases its market value, like a wooden table entirely made by a carpenter.
What normally makes a wrought-iron garden table interesting are the decorations.
The wrought iron garden tables can be either completely worked in iron or mount a surface of different material that is supported by the wrought iron base.


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