February 2013

February 2013

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Gardening and horticulture courseThe new season begins at the Hortus Urbis with many new features

With the approaching of spring the programming of the Hortus Urbis resumes, the ancient Roman vegetable garden born from the experimental project on public space and the biodiversity of Roman Zappata and the Appia Antica Park dedicated to Roman children and not only. In 2013 the range of activities in the garden will be expanded with activities for adults, companies and associations. The first appointment will be on February 23 when the Adult Course "Gardening and horticulture: from theory to practice" will start, held by the expert of natural horticulture and ornamental green Dr. Agr. Enrico Lazzari. The course addressed to adults will be divided into 4 events that will deal with land, sowing, intercropping, transplantation, diseases and defenses, harvesting, harvesting and reproduction. With theoretical lessons indoors and practical activities in the vegetable garden, we will try to answer the Roman citizens' question of a new connection with nature even in the city, providing theoretical and practical knowledge to create a vegetable garden or garden and spread horticultural cultivation techniques and ornamental. In order to facilitate participation by all, during the hours of class a babysitting service will be activated for children who will "accompany" their parents.
The course will be held at Hortus Urbis in Via Appia Antica in Rome, with pedestrian entrance at number 42 and driveway at number 50. At the Hortus Urbis there will be many new features this year starting with the new site (


Registration is now open for the eleventh edition of the competition that awards the most beautiful each year
Italian parks and gardens. Report the Parks you would like to see compete for the 2013 title, for info
go to
In just over a month the most beautiful Italian Parks and Gardens will open their doors for a new season of visits, and gardeners from all over Italy are already working at full speed because this is a more flourishing Spring than ever. Even the Parco Piqui Bello is not waiting and proposes new things and surprises for the eleventh edition of the Award that in recent years has rewarded landscape pearls such as the Vittoriale degli Italiani park (2012), the gardens of Villa Lante in Bagnaia (2011 ) and the park of the Castello di Racconigi (2010), just to mention the most recent.
The contest The Most Beautiful Park of Italy was born in 2003 with the aim of promoting green areas for large users and enhancing the priceless architectural and landscape heritage present in our peninsula, helping to stimulate interest and sensitivity towards the green in its finest forms. Every year the most beautiful Italian Parks and Gardens register and compete for the title of Most Beautiful Park in Italy, selected by a jury of experts and industry professionals. Year by year the number of members has gone
gradually increasing, reaching the now 1000 Parks and Gardens registered in the portal which represent the Italian green excellence and are the basis of the mapping of parks and gardens in Italy.
There is time until the end of February to report your favorite Parks and Gardens. Just go to an email to [email protected] or connect to the Facebook page "Il Parco Piqui Bello" and indicate the name and location of your favorite green places, which you want to see compete for the title of Most Beautiful Park of Italy 2013!

February 2013: 27 February - 1 March 2013 Verona

Business appointment dedicated to the world of nursery gardening which was successfully concluded in February 2011/2012 in its second edition. Development on three weekdays which aims to create direct contacts between production companies and economic operators in the sector, according to an innovative and convincing exhibition model for the cost / benefit ratio
FLORSHOW is the business appointment dedicated to the business world that aims to present the
best floriculture productions for commercial operators in the "green" sector.
Three days of direct contacts, professional relationships and commercial transactions in a project strongly
shared by
entrepreneurial world, to better manage the market opportunity according to the spring season.
FLORSHOW is not a "fair" but a platform for commercial bargaining reserved above all for economic operators in the sector of production and marketing of the finished green product but also for all the related activities related to gardening and the management of outdoor spaces. The innovative formula, the accessibility of the new site, the organizational experience and the close sharing of management strategies with the business world are the development ingredients that make this new appointment not to be missed on the Italian market.
The world of nursery gardening is at FLORSHOW 2013 from 27 February to 1 March 2013.