Florists for weddings

Florists for weddings

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What choices to adopt in order not to spend too much

If you do not want to spend much, however, it is preferable to focus on fresh and seasonal flowers, which cost less than off-season species (and among other things last longer): in the case of a wedding celebrated in spring or in summer, for example, you can bet on gerberas, daisies, marigolds, snapdragons or sunflowers, but it will clearly be the florist's job to identify the most suitable flowers. On the other hand, the solutions available and the varieties are so many that there is only the embarrassment of the choice. In any case, it is preferable not to choose more than three or four different species, in such a way as to create a recognizable and not too confusing style: in the same way, it is preferable to focus on a few colors, possibly declined differently and with nuances various, so as to give a recognizable imprint and style to the decorations.

The task of the florist: to advise, sell, decorate

The job of the florist, moreover, is not limited to the sale in the sense that he can also be involved in the preparation of the decorations both in the church and in the other locations (at the bride's house, in the restaurant where the refreshments or lunch will be held , etc). For this reason, it is good to ask for an estimate of the total expenses, in order to verify if the budget is compatible with the costs requested and eventually try to save on some aspect. Not that, from this point of view, the ways and means to spend less are lacking. For example, if you want to bet on pretty expensive flowers but do not have adequate financial resources, you can try to involve another married couple moving in the following hours or at most the following day, in such a way to share with them decorations, decorations and, of course, costs. In fact, once the ceremony is over, flowers and floral arrangements are thrown away when they could be useful in many other ways: the choice of sharing expenses, therefore, could be a way to afford more expensive flowers at half price. In this sense, the florist can come in handy if he is contacted by other newlyweds looking for flowers.

Compose the decorations firsthand

Although you can find ready-made compositions from the florist, those who have time available could decide to buy the flowers individually and then give life, in the first person, to creations and decorations, assembling them and leaving room for imagination: in this respect, on the other hand, it is necessary to follow some aesthetic principles which, even though they do not represent universal criteria and must be followed, inevitably reveal useful guidelines to put into practice to obtain a sufficiently particular aesthetic result. The most important goal, in particular, that must be pursued when creating a floral arrangement for a wedding is to create harmony with the surrounding context: it is clear, in fact, that the church appears as a particular place, which requires, even on the occasion of a day of celebration, a certain sobriety. For this reason, in short, the decorations to be placed on the church benches, near the altar, behind the bride and groom and in front of the pages should not be too flashy, combining purity and simplicity. In the moment in which one chooses to marry in church, in fact, a contact with God is celebrated: and therefore every aspect must be finalized to the divinity, included the beauty of the flowers.

Florists for weddings: aesthetic principles: balance, harmony, proportion

But harmony also means balance within the composition itself: from the chromatic point of view, it will be good to avoid creating uniform and too homogeneous spots, trying instead to distribute the different shades in the entire composition (avoiding leaving holes or favoring one side rather than another); from the point of view of dimensions, a very large flower must be balanced by groups of smaller flowers, in search of an important visual balance. Even in this, if desired, the help of the florist can be received, but, for those who can afford it, it may even be useful to resort to a flower designer.
In conclusion, it should be emphasized that the various decorations can be created both with dried flowers and with natural flowers; nothing prevents, on the other hand, even recourse to artificial or fake flowers, which moreover require decidedly reduced maintenance, and at the same time last longer, resulting in less fragile or delicate. The combination of the floral component with other elements (such as ears of corn, small candles, pebbles, fresh fruit, colored ribbons, evening bows, etc.) will serve to increase the vivacity of the decoration, enriching the visual element and giving life in colorful and spectacular decorations.


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