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Production of artificial flowers

Production of artificial flowers

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Production of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are an ideal solution to create long-lasting compositions and arrangements, the materials used for the creation are synthetic, see polyester and silk, but today it is possible to obtain a product very close to the characteristics of a real flower, through a treatment of surface that gives the flower the "Real Touch", or a "fleshy" consistency that brings it closer to realism. Thanks to the different production techniques, colors and materials, floral arrangements can be used in a variety of areas: ceremonies, meetings, to furnish large exhibition spaces, trade fair installations, or simply to adorn your home, whatever the type of furniture that characterizes it. Artificial flowers can be purchased individually or in compositions, each flower constitutes a work of art, often in fact, whatever the materials used, for example fabric, glass, wood or iron, the assembly of the elements that compose it takes place at hand, adding to the flower a plus value that makes it ideal as a gift idea. Those who make fake flowers, the master florist, are often assisted by a staff composed of interior designers and architects capable of combining the possible combinations with customer requests, through the analysis of the furnishings and spaces within which the possible composition is commissioned . The choice of a flower or an artificial composition therefore makes it possible to obtain a "customized green", regardless of the season and the space available, to which it must be added that the artificial flower does not breathe and therefore can also be kept in very small rooms and above all no need for light or treatment. The choice of an artificial flower is therefore entirely tied to the need of the applicant. The type of materials, as well as colors and sizes may vary depending on the final destination that the flower or composition will have. There are different types of flowers available on the market, but of great impact, especially for their realistic appearance are the silk flowers and flowers identifiable in the "Real Touch" flowers category.

Silk flowers

The production of fake flowers can be made with different materials, but silk has become a very popular alternative especially in the creation of compositions for ceremonies. The bridal bouquets made with this technique resist the passage of time, keeping with them the memory of a special moment. Moreover, silk flowers are used for applications on clothes and fabrics. The attention to detail, the possibility of selecting different colors and the natural characteristics of this very delicate fabric make the final result very close to reality. Care must be taken in the maintenance of these flowers, as being very delicate they could, if handled without care, lose their characteristics. The cleaning mode is very important, to be carried out with a duvet or an electrostatic cloth. When possible, the powder can be removed by the delicate petals with a jet of compressed air and for the most stubborn dirt, the small flowers can be washed as you would with a silk garment, putting them in a basin filled with cold water with of detergent for delicate garments, once washed they can be dried head down where far from direct sources of heat.

Real Touch Flowers

The term Real Touch identifies those flowers made with extreme care and that present themselves with characteristics very close to real flowers. This type of flowers are also known by the terms "Natural Touch", "Fresh Touch" or "Soft Touch". To obtain such a realistic result, the material and the manufacturing process are decisive. The "Natural Touch" is not a trademark registered or a certification that uniquely identifies a product, which is why it is necessary to pay great attention during the purchase, in order to avoid scams.The flowers that can fall into this category have superficially treated petals and so also the leaves, covering the material of which they are composed of latex powder, thanks to this coating, precise cuts and sharp edges are possible, without fringes, and the colors thus have a better application, appearing more real and realistic shades with the possibility of delineating the veins giving a credible appearance to the flower.The result is beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch.A Real Touch flower is therefore not simply made of latex but it is a flower made through the treatment of the fabric that composes it.

How to cure artificial flowers

Artificial flowers require very simple maintenance, to be reduced to a minimum in order to maintain their characteristics over time. Many can be cleaned simply with a duvet or for extraordinary cleaning, to be performed once, twice a year, washed with cold water and mild soap. The flowers must then be rinsed and treated with specific products to eliminate the limestone of the water and polish its surface. The flowers should dry upside down, in a cool and ventilated place, away from direct sources of heat. Using specific products is important to achieve satisfactory results and not ruin the flower. Fake flowers of good quality are treated before marketing to make them waterproof and protect them from atmospheric agents and from dust that does not penetrate the fibers even though it settles on the flower.