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The table is one of the most important objects for any home, it is a horizontal top that can be of any shape and can be made with any hard material, such as wood, metal and glass, with any style from classic to modern. There are different types of table depending on the use made of it and the room in which it is placed: the kitchen table, the dining table, the living room table, the low table games, the drawing table, the coffee table and many other types. The most used materials for the production of outdoor tables are: wood, resin, teak, wicker and rattan, wrought iron, polypropylene glass, aluminum and steel and polyethylene. The outdoor tables can be used for the outside, therefore for gardens, for the terrace, courtyards and parks but can also be used for interiors. These tables are very useful for parties, dinners and lunches with family or friends depending on the use made of it, using a type of table to which the materials, dimensions and shape are related. This object can be used not only for food consumption, but can be replaced at the desk or study desk, the table models are so many, that even if the dining room table were replaced with an office desk , no one would notice since the dining room tables also feature very functional models with very large tops that can be used as study or work plans. The tables are very versatile objects that can be used in different ways.


Each material gives both technical and aesthetic characteristics.
Wooden tables are widely used, especially in gardens and on terraces; there are numerous models, the fixed ones that can be fixed in the place where you prefer or those that can be re-installed that can be mounted, in different places, such as in the mountains, at the sea, or in a camping site. square or roundish.
Resin tables are widely used in gardens, since they have moderate dimensions and are very comfortable and above all they are very simple to clean, in fact the resin does not absorb water and other substances, the stains can be removed easily, even without the use of specific products, on the market there are numerous reclosable models, which can therefore be transported from one place to another.
The teak tables are very particular compared to the classic outdoor tables since they are built with this very hard material, which gives the object strength and stability, in fact with this material numerous objects are built such as ship decks and musical instruments.
The wicker and rattan tables are widely used under the gazebos in the gardens, so as to create elegant environments, many times armchairs are added to complete the garden furniture. Generally small tables are used, tea or coffee tables, to spend the quiet summer evenings sipping maybe a good glass of wine, but the large tables that are refined and elegant at the same time are no less , very simple in their designers but very resistant.
The most common in addition to wood, there are the wrought iron tables, whose top can be produced in different materials, such as wood, glass or stone tops, very rustic but suitable for outdoors.
There are also tempered glass tables that can have wrought iron or wooden structures.
Then there are numerous models of tables, created with synthetic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, which are very easy to assemble and fix, can be easily moved from one place to another, without anyone's help, they are of various sizes , from those one meter to one meter to very large ones and extensions are also available, which can be used at the appropriate time.


Outdoor tables, in whatever material they are made of, must have specific characteristics, since they are subjected to continuous atmospheric phenomena, which over time can deteriorate the object.
The tables especially those produced with natural materials must be able to not absorb the substances, otherwise, in the long run the stains would persist and we will find ourselves in front of new tables, but full of stains. These tables, therefore, must be treated with specific solvents to prevent them from absorbing other substances that spoil over time; moreover they must be able to withstand different temperature ranges and above all the fixed ones must be able to withstand the strong winds to which they can be subjected.


For the purchase of garden tables, the costs are different depending on the size, the materials and the shapes of the tables, in fact to every feature there is associated a cost depending on the customer's needs.


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