Garden furniture

Planters for terraces

Plants and flowers, as well as being grown in the garden or in flower beds, can easily be found in planters placed on terraces and balconies. Lily and lily of the valley are well suited to flower boxes. The lily is a plant that grows wild in Asia and America, in regions with a temperate climate. Lilies have flowers of different colors and are bulbous plants. Its bulbs should be planted 12 cm deep, especially in spring. It is good that the soil is well drained so as to prevent the humidity from causing the bulbs to rot. Instead in summer it is necessary to fertilize water soluble fertilizers. Lily of the valley is a plant that can easily be grown in planters and pots. It has large leaves and white flowers similar to bells. The lily of the valley must be planted in a fertile soil full of clay, sand and organic matter formed by soil of plant debris. Both the lily of the valley and the lily were considered medicinal plants.Aromatic plants in planters

For those who want to create a sui generis and unusual green space, it is possible to decorate a terrace with planters of aromatic plants such as basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley and sage. These plants require little care, require a lot of sun, with the sole exception of mint and parsley, which prefer shade. Excellent and fragrant to be used in the kitchen, thus delighting our dishes, useful as medicines thanks to their properties. It is preferable to plant them in the months of April or May and it is good to water them frequently, especially in the evening or at the first light of morning. While in the winter months they suffer from low temperatures, so it is advisable to put them in the house otherwise you risk damaging them.

Flower box maintenance

Once the flowers to be placed in the planters have been adequately chosen, the latter are prepared. It is necessary to change the earth every year to avoid that the one of the previous year could have insects that would damage the plants. We must use a soil with sand and organic fertilizer so that the roots of the plants can develop without problems. The earthenware planters are ideal if you have a spacious terrace that can support them, because they are resistant and porous, therefore suitable to soften the humidity of the ground, otherwise it is advisable to put plastic flower boxes. A 60 cm wide planter can accommodate two geranium plants but if the plant is already large when you buy it, then you only have to put one. All types of planters are essential accessories for people who want to have flowers and plants on their balcony, terrace or garden. As we have seen, there are different types. The choice will fall on the one that best suits our environment. Generally in the terraces and in the gardens stone planters are preferred because they are more resistant and more elegant to show, even if the wooden ones are recently seen. Unfortunately, all the types of materials used to make the planters are subject to damage, so they need good maintenance to prevent them from being damaged. Just get a brush and water to eliminate the sediments that over time could form large spots. It is good to repeat this operation a couple of times a month so as to guarantee an always clean planter.