How to make a small garden

How to make a small garden

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How to make a small garden

Living in a big city is known to have its advantages, but the lack of green spaces in the apartments is also undeniable. How many times you will have come back from a trip out of town in the countryside to wish you also a small flowery space where you can relax and restore a minimum contact with nature.
It is not true that the larger the available garden the greater the enjoyment. A functional and pleasant green oasis can also be organized in truly insignificant plots of land, but if the layout of the plants, the intersection of the perfumes and the magic of the colors are well articulated then you will have nothing to envy of the grass of the neighbor and you will be ready to make the most of your city lung.
The most complex operation is certainly the one of choosing the plants to be arranged, since speaking of small spaces, what makes the beauty of the place is a perfect synchrony between the various elements, the error of putting together a shapeless forest is lurking, therefore once you arrive at your trusted nursery, do not get too excited and make good choices because even if the maritime pine reminds you of carefree summers on the sea, once you have grown up there is a risk that it will also take your home!
If you then reside in a terraced house that therefore divides the boundary walls with the neighbors it is good to take into account the rules of good neighborliness and avoid letting the infesting ivy grow on the whole area because otherwise the sugar will touch you to go and buy it next time!
But now let's move on to a series of very practical and functional rules that will allow you to take the right steps towards the realization of your home:

Calibrate the available space well

Measure well the square meters of open space your home has in order to immediately divide the areas that will house the various plants. This does not mean that you will be forced to have the Italian garden of the royal regions, no one will force you to the quiet dolphin-shaped box hedge, but in the case of small spaces plan ahead even if you implant two or three elements you realize you were wrong to reckon and there is no room for more.
It will also be useful to support the right plants, in the sense that an excessively high plant compared to the others that surround it will create a deficit of light for the latter that will risk making them die and these are extremely common situations where hasty and not dictated choices have been made from common sense.

Harmony of colors and scents

Are you aware of Giverny's Gardens in Claude Monet's paintings?
Well the aesthetics of those works is not given only by the skillful hand of the painter but by the maniacal attention with which the colors of the flowers were arranged. The chromatic tones of the plants, if well articulated, have the ability to expand the space and transform the volumes of the garden that houses them. The important thing is that the eye does not feel attacked by a jumble of purple, blue and fuchsia but that it passes smoothly from corner to corner making itself guided by them and losing itself to the point of not paying attention to anything else.
The same rules apply naturally to the juxtaposition of perfumes, the intense smell of jasmine, for example, will have to enjoy a space of its own to prevent it from covering smells that are more delicate, but equally pleasing, and finally it would be good not to fill the garden with thousands of different perfumes because let's remember that entering the perfumery department gives some nausea and it's not always a pleasure!

How to make a small garden: Small final adjustments

Finally, if your garden is limited with high walls, an excellent solution to amplify the green portion is to cover the whole with climbing plants better if green because if the rest of the space is already occupied by flowers, another color will have at that point. a restrictive effect and no longer widening of the volume.
Where on the contrary the area is limited by a simple net and you have not yet built a boundary wall, then it will be your great opportunity to take the decisive step and delimit everything with a beautiful luxuriant hedge or if you are more reckless a row of evergreen trees , so yes you will have your little Versailles even in the city center.
These are therefore the basic rules for obtaining a result of satisfaction, even if it is good to remember that each of us possesses his own aesthetic sense and therefore what remains fundamental is what is expressed at the beginning of this article, namely that the home garden priopria is an expression of the personality of those who own it and those who spend their moments of relaxation there alone or in company, therefore, like a living room or a bedroom, it is also fun to express one's personality through the choice of colorful flowers and exotic plants if you prefer, the important thing is that your little garden is your beloved Giverny as it was for the famous French painter.