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Online plants sale

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Online plants sale

The purchase of plants online, which has tempted each of us but is not yet widely used for various reasons, can be a new interesting way especially for the purchase of those varieties and species of plants that cannot always be found. with ease. If we want to tackle the adventure with this method of purchase we must evaluate the pros and cons by establishing, before starting, the expenditure budget that we want to deal with and then choose the suppliers who have been dealing with this sector for a long time and who are trusting and serious. The bulbs are the most sold items in this way and, as soon as we receive the requested package, we will have to make sure that the products received are healthy, that they do not contain molds or softening and that they have been selected for sizes and varieties and are firm and elastic.

How to order online

When ordering online we will need to pay close attention both to the terms of sale and shipping but also to the characteristics of the plant that we want to buy starting from the indication of the diameter of the pot, the height of the plant or the number of bulbs . We will always need to print a copy of the order or save it on our PC in order to verify that what we receive corresponds to the description on the order. The supplier, if serious, will have to provide a number of detailed information for each single item presented such as: time of flowering, exposure, minimum temperatures supported by the plant in question, the demand for water that the same need, the size and maturity of the plant and, it will not be enough to know only the name of the species but also the variety to which it belongs. At the end of the order we carefully check the total account adding the shipping costs that could be fixed or related to the weight and the number of packages requested and, possibly, the taxes due if the payment will be cash on delivery or an advance payment must be made .

The conditions for the transport of the goods

In the conditions of sale must be specified on how many days we will receive the products ordered because there is usually a margin of time between the sending of the order and the receipt of the same and, the organized companies, have a tracking system of the package and they will inform us at the moment that this will be delivered to the courier and after how long it is expected to arrive at our home so that we can fix a new appointment if for that day we will be unable to be present on arrival, thus avoiding having to it will be us who will pick it up in the warehouse.

How to behave when the package containing our plants arrives

When the ordered package is in our hands we will have to verify that the envelope is intact, not dented and with all the seals in place. I recommend it, let's not get carried away by the desire to discard it because of the curiosity to see its contents but, only after having checked everything, we will sign and pay (if it was sent on delivery) otherwise, if it is not in the best conditions, we will have two options: the first will be to write down on the document accompanying the package "Accepted with reserve" explaining the reasons or we can reject it by not paying because the quality of the packaging in order to safeguard the integrity of our plants, is an important thing with regards to the quality and seriousness of the seller because this knows very well that every plant, bulb or bush, herbaceous or roses, certainly do not have the same needs but require different solutions in order to ensure a correct transport. The most advanced sellers use biodegradable materials that are obtained from recycling and cannot be used a second time, thus guaranteeing a high level of health safety.

When to move for any claims of the goods received

Once we have opened the package and checked the quality of the goods it contains, in the event of any complaints, we will have limited time to assert our reasons and therefore we will have to be quick to forward immediately, by registered letter with return receipt, a letter reporting all the details of the dispatch with our data and describing with extreme precision the reason for the complaint, attaching, perhaps, also photos that clarify our discontent. If we have ordered bulbs we will check the number, consistency, absence of any mold or alterations. For herbaceous plants we will check for general hydration and vitality, while for roses and bushes the check will be on branches and on buds that must be well formed and turgid.

Online plants sale: To achieve perfect flowering

If we wish to obtain beautiful blooms such as those depicted on the catalogs that we have seen online at the time of purchase, we will have to follow the good cultivation rules without being in a hurry and not forcing the times to see our flowering plants. Haste is a bad habit since the plants purchased must have the time necessary to adapt to the new environmental conditions and, if together with patience, we will also have a little luck, the results will be excellent and satisfying.


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