How to make crepe paper flowers

How to make crepe paper flowers

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How to make crepe paper flowers

Who doesn't like to have vases full of a thousand bright colors? With flowers that can beautify even the darkest corners of our homes. Especially during the winter, when the days are cloudy, gray and without harmony, it is very nice to have flowers that give the color back to those days a little like this.
The flowers give freshness and a new atmosphere in the rooms where they are placed. But they have a great flaw: they wither, some even very quickly.
But there is a solution to this problem: handmade crepe paper flowers! These fake flowers, very easy to make, can be used in a variety of ways. For example, inserted into a greeting letter, or to accompany the favors for weddings or baptisms. If made in large numbers, these flowers can give life to floral compositions that we can put in the saddest corners of the house so as to revive them, or use them as a centerpiece for important lunches or dinners, occasions when they are very well close to fruit.
Of course, the fake flowers can be found in all household or florist shops, but making them at home with your own hands is much more satisfying and fun!
Or why not, you can make crepe paper flowers using your children as assistants! The little ones love this kind of jobs, they would have a lot of fun, plus you can amaze your friends with your creations!

The paper

So first we need to get the crepe paper. This type of paper is perfect because it is simple to use. It is elastic, it can be curled as you wish and we find it with very bright colors; other advantages of this card are its low price, its versatility and the fact that it is easy for children to work with.


- Crepe paper, of which we have spoken above.
- Scissors and nippers: the frorbici are fine even with the rounded tip, then if we have children near us even better; we need the wire cutter to cut the wire.
- A normal iron wire and then a piece of gardening wire, the colored one. You can find it in DIY stores or in department stores dedicated to gardening. Or, if you can't find it, you can use it with rolled green cardboard, but spending much more time.
- Adhesive tape of paper;
- Self-adhesive paper tape: its name among the fiat's employees is "Gutta-percha". You can find it from florists. You need the thinnest 18 mm tape, naturally green.
The one listed above is the basic material. You should know, however, that this elenzo can undergo changes depending on the flowers we have to make and therefore the method we must use. When we have put together everything we need we can proceed with the work of creating the flowers that we like best. The important thing is that they are very similar to real flowers. This is the goal we must achieve.

How to create crepe paper flowers: Realization

Every time we make a paper flower, we must start with the petals. Take the crepe paper and cut various strips 8-10 cm high and 50 cm long. Once this is done, choose the side that will be the upper side of the petal and spread it with your hands. Pull the curl of the paper and bend it slightly outwards. If you want to do other curls, you can use either the wire or a simple pen with which you will roll the paper outwards. To make the material take shape, you need to hold it for a few minutes.
Well, now take the strip that you just worked and roll it up until you have made some kind of flower. Then take some paper tape (possibly green) and close your work.
Now you have to prepare the stem and to do it use the wire and cover it with the green florist ribbon. Try not to leave empty spaces.
Leaves. Take green crepe paper and cut out some leaves. Try to spread them very well with Lemans and then, with the paper tape, apply the wire to the back of the leaves. Ideally, a maximum of 1 cm of thread should come out of the leaf. This piece of wire should be fitted into the stem below the gutta percha.
You can also create ribs in the leaves using watercolors.
In the back of your flower, insert the stem and cover it with the tape. Fix it well.
Give free rein to your imagination! Create beautiful compositions, add ribbons, beads, embellish the vases with your houseplants.
Now all you have to do is show your children and your friends your creations, with which you can amaze them in so many fun ways and make your home more welcoming.