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Purifying plants

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Question: purifying plants

Hi! I live in the city in an apartment with windows that overlook a busy street and it is impossible to open them to change the air. I wanted to buy some plants to put in the house to purify the air. Can you tell me which species could be most suitable? Thanks

Purifying plants: Answer: purifying plants

It would seem a sort of urban legend, and instead it is real: there are plants capable of absorbing pollutants from the air and making them inert, then releasing them into the ground or accumulating them in their leaves. These plants have been studied by NASA, in research carried out to study how to travel in space or how to survive in a space station. And above all, these are not particularly original or strange plants, but those that are more commonly found in nurseries as house plants. These plants purify the air from the harmful substances that come from the outside, but also and above all from the ones we have put into the house, or the substances that furniture, clothes, paints and appliances continuously release into the environment. Typical example of a "purifying" plant is the ficus, and also the sanseveria; all types of ferns are very useful for cleaning up the domestic environment, as well as most of the palms that can be cultivated at home, such as the areca or the chamaedorea. The potos, the various dracene, the Edera and the philodendron also have these properties. It is therefore up to you to choose which plants are best for your home, especially considering what you like best.


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