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Echinocereus rot

Echinocereus rot

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Question: Echinocereus rot

The tip of some echinocereus rots, turns black, as charred, often stops. Sometimes it extends to the whole plant, which dies. It is not red spider-periodic treatments-. It occurs more often at the end of winter-greenhouse than 6 / 8gradi- and only x echinocereus. Is it a mushroom? Are they sick plants to buy? How do you fight? Thanks x ev. Reply.

Answer: Echinocereus rot

Dear Mario,
cacti are particularly prone to attack by molds and fungi, especially in winter, and especially if kept in greenhouses, where temperatures tend to be very low periodically.
Generally, the rot starts from the lower part of the plant, but it can happen that fungi or bacteria nest and develop in any position of the plant, following wounds or stagnation of water. The fact that your cacti are hit in the apical zone could be due to condensation: in the greenhouse the daily temperature ranges can be high, especially in the period of the year when the days begin to lengthen. In these periods it may happen that in the afternoon the sun makes a good quantity of water evaporate from the ground, which then condenses as the sun goes down, settling anywhere on the plants.
To avoid these inconveniences, try not to water the cacti in the greenhouse until the nocturnal lows have risen well, and on sunny days, particularly warm, open the greenhouse and try to ventiarlarla the best.
If however the plants are hit, remove the dark and dry area as soon as possible, cutting until you find the tissue clean and healthy.


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