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Orchid greenhouses

Orchid greenhouses

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How to build greenhouses for orchids

The creation of greenhouses for orchids represents an important investment, which however requires adequate knowledge. For example, humidity and internal temperature must be managed with technological solutions that can sometimes be expensive. As for winter heating, we can primarily rely on already existing technologies, such as systems or old stoves, in order to be able to reduce costs.

Which energy source to choose

On the other hand, an important aspect is represented by the choice of the energy source to be used: the idea would be to use diesel fuel, if tax-free, or take advantage, when available, of the thermal springs. In the case in which the greenhouse constitutes an extension of the heating of the house, instead, we will resort to methane gas. At this point, we must distinguish between three types of option: finned tubes or radiators if it depends on the heating of the house; a hot air generator installed directly in the greenhouse; floor pipes in the presence of thermal waters or home heating tools with low temperature water. Naturally, the choice of technology also takes place according to the type of cultivation; depending, that is, whether it is a polyvalent greenhouse or a structure that welcomes species that have the same temperature requirements. The fact remains that we must, as far as possible, try to combine the heat yield with the installation costs.

Cool the greenhouse in summer

As regards the cooling and humidification of the greenhouse in summer, it is possible to resort to the opening of the walls, or, more simply, to the change of indoor air by introducing external air, which will no doubt be cooler. On the other hand, professional solutions are economically compatible only when they are implemented in sufficiently large spaces, given that the cost of basic infrastructures is very high. If you want to make one greenhouse for orchids do it yourself you need not fear to resort to empirical solutions, even spartan ones, as long as these choices are made with caution. For example, for cooling you can think of internal ventilation or simply opening the doors, taking into account the probable intrusion of pollinators, as well as excessive air drying.

Air humidification

As for humidification, instead, you can use a classic vaporizer, or nebulize the water cells with special nozzles and compressor, which will suck up the water and then nebulize it. In short, even the amateur grower can create a greenhouse without spending too much. But what are the reasons why a greenhouse is built? Undoubtedly the cultivation of orchids requires such a structure: however, as mentioned, it must be developed respecting some parameters, or the cultivation will not be successful.

Check the daytime temperature

For example, daytime temperature control has to deal with the rapid increase in insolation: to take advantage of this feature, it is possible to refer to an integrated system that extracts an extractor from an aspirator located in the highest area of ​​the south wall. warm air inside, so that, as a result of the internal depression that occurs, fresh air enters from the outside, thanks to the alveolar panels arranged to the north. The entry of forced external air ends, of course, to cool the entire internal environment: to obtain a maximum efficiency from the point of view of temperature reduction and humidification, however, it is necessary to humidify the air that enters, through the procedure called cooling, which provides for making the air access path wet, forced and long by loading it with water particles. It is good to keep some numbers under control: for example, the main purpose must be to obtain a maximum temperature of thirty degrees.

Where to place the vacuum cleaner

If orchids are placed in the greenhouses also in the upper part, it is necessary to place the aspirator as high as possible, so as to allow it to extract the air cushion located under the roof with maximum ease: it will be preferable, on the other hand, to have a more powerful aspirator. It must be placed south or north depending on the type of microclimate to be obtained in the structure: if the aspirator is installed to the south, in fact, it gives rise to two different climatic sectors; if it is installed in the north, on the other hand, it gives rise to homogeneous temperatures. During winter nights, the temperature should not exceed fifteen degrees.

Orchid greenhouses: Advantages and limits of air heating

In conclusion, it should be pointed out that air heating produces, as a consequence, a drier internal environment: it is however a limit that can be exceeded and even transformed into a positive factor, in the sense that the flow of hot air reduces the risk of malcrescence, above all compared to what would happen with irradiation heating. To take advantage of it, moreover, would be the wetting performed during the night, which represent a particularly suitable solution for orchid plants.


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