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Organic fertilizer

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Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is that kind of fertilizer of exclusively natural origin. All the elements that make up the organic fertilizer are therefore derived from substances from the animal or vegetable world. In recent years a new sensitivity, particularly attentive to the health of the environment around us and to a correct diet, has meant that the organic fertilizers they became an almost obligatory choice for those who want to cultivate a personal vegetable garden. Unfortunately, for various reasons, not all commercial producers adhere to this philosophy and continue to use chemical or synthetic fertilizer substances on a large scale. But if you want to set up a self-production of vegetables, then the exclusive use of biological fertilizers is strongly recommended.

Among the organic fertilizers of vegetable origin we recall the compost (if prepared with elements of exclusively vegetable origin), wood ash, green manure (which, more than a real fertilizer, is an agronomic technique that enriches the soil with substances nutrients) and pomace (a substance obtained from the processing waste of olive oil).The compost, totally "organic", is obtained through the fermentation of vegetable waste (the peel and torso of your apples, the dried leaves collected in the garden, the remains of the garden, etc.). From the maceration of these elements, made according to precise rules and well-calibrated methods, an excellent fertilizer will be obtained for your vegetable garden, rich as it is in nutrients and adjuvants.The wood ash should not be thrown away, but it can be used to enrich the soil of your garden with potassium!The green manure, as already said, more than a fertilizer is an agronomic practice that consists in the cultivation of some types of plants to be planted in your soil because they enrich it with organic substance while expanding at the same time the water reserves. More organic than that!The pomace also enriches your soil with quality nutrients and at the same time improves the composition. Try it: you will not be disappointed!Mixed fertilizers

Among the mixed organic fertilizers we mention the compost (which can be obtained from the combined decomposition of elements of vegetable and animal origin) and the manure (it may contain traces of inorganic elements contained in the birds' diet).
The manure is obtained by industrially treating the dejections of volatile animals. Even in this case, however, the emphasis must be placed on the environmental impact of this mixed fertilizer, more or less in the same way as livestock slurry. Moreover, deriving from the breeding of poultry, it may contain traces of those foods that are not really "bio" and feed these animals. It is dried and reduced to pellets that can be easily distributed in the field to be cultivated and contains good percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


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