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Garden care is a duty of every person who wants to fully enjoy the green space of their home, in order to use it for lunches or dinners with friends and family; for this reason it is important to choose garden floors that are suitable for any need and situation, both for the passage of cars and for walks along the avenue, or suitable for accommodating living rooms and outdoor furniture. Garden floors must be in line with the architectural style of the house to make it more elegant and appreciated by guests.


The floors for gardens, in addition to being aesthetically appreciable, must be very functional and practical, to be more durable than indoor floors, because they must be resistant to atmospheric agents and to any kind of wear; in this regard there are many materials suitable for garden floors, in order to satisfy any type of requirement, from natural stones, to paving, to terracotta, to gravel.


Natural stones represent the best choice with regard to the construction materials of garden floors, since they are characterized by a unique elegance that other materials do not possess; the most commonly used natural stones for this type of flooring are porphyry, marble and granite, and slate, all characterized by particular qualities. Porphyry is the leading stone in the garden flooring sector, as it can take various forms, from slabs to cubes to bricks, to be suitable for any need; porphyry for garden floors is very resistant to trampling and tolerates changes in temperature and atmospheric agents very well, maintaining a pleasant and very elegant appearance throughout its life. Porphyry was already used in ancient times for the construction of noble lords, in fact it has a special charm that distinguishes it from other stones; its installation is also very simple to perform and allows the soil on which the stone is placed to breathe adequately. As far as marble and granite garden floors are concerned, they are very valuable and are suitable for areas used as relaxation areas, because this type of stones must not be too stressed, otherwise they risk losing their beauty and shine; marble and granite are also suitable for stairways that are used to enter the home and need constant maintenance to be able to show off all their beauty and elegance. Marble and granite garden floors enhance the exterior appearance of the house very much, but their installation is not simple and requires the help of highly specialized personnel, in order not to damage the preciousness of these natural stones. Among the natural stones for outdoor floors there is also slate, a dark gray stone tending to black, which is also used a lot for stairways and garden corners in which to place an outdoor living room or any other type of furniture; slate is very resistant to atmospheric agents and has the intrinsic property of anti-slip, allowing people to move in complete tranquility. It is a waterproof material, but it needs a lot of care and attention in order to maintain its original appearance that distinguishes it from other types.


Betonelle are an excellent alternative for garden floors, being an economic material but very durable over time that adapts to any type of architectural style; the paving stones withstand the passage of cars well and do not require excessive maintenance, since they are difficult to get dirty and are still easy to clean. They exist in various colors and shapes, based on personal needs, and manage to give a touch of elegance and rusticity to the home in which they are placed.


The bricks in terracotta represent the newest answer for garden floors, very suitable for the pathways of houses, even very resistant to the passage of cars; the cotto is also of a warm color, which gives the house a more vital and truly unique appearance. It is an easy material to clean and its installation is easy to perform; You can use terracotta bricks to create elegant patterns, such as herringbone or other types.


Gravel for garden floors is a material that requires no maintenance and represents the most economical alternative among the many materials; the gravel pebbles do not undergo any type of attack from atmospheric agents and are automatically cleaned thanks to rainwater. Furthermore, gravel is an environmentally friendly material and can be easily removed if you want to replace it with another type of flooring.


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