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Garden furniture

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The exterior of the houses needs to be treated in detail as the interior, because the external appearance is the first thing that catches the eye of the guests who will have the pleasure of being welcomed in a well furnished environment. For this reason it is good to choose the right garden furniture, in order to obtain a liveable space outside the home that is in harmony with the architectural style and interior furnishings. The garden furniture allows you to make the green space of your home livable, to spend relaxing moments together with your family and friends.


There are various types of furnishing accessories that are part of garden furniture, starting from the living rooms, which are the main representatives of this category, in fact thanks to the composition of chairs, tables and armchairs it is possible to recreate what resides on the outside. inside the house, for lunch or dinner with the most expensive people during the summer and spring days. Then there are the deckchairs and the sunbeds that are very used to relax and to sunbathe naturally and without leaving home; even the gazebos are excellent garden furnishing accessories, since they are a shelter against sudden storms and a great location in which to organize parties and buffets without problems. Finally, garden furniture also includes benches, much loved by children, and outdoor benches or cabinets, very useful for storing goods that would not find enough space in the house. There are also many materials used for the construction of garden furniture, such as wood, PVC, natural fibers, aluminum and wrought iron.


Wood is one of the most used materials for the realization of garden furniture, since it is endowed with a natural elegance that is lacking in all the other materials; its natural composition allows it to be 100% eco-sustainable, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be biologically degraded without causing any damage to the environment, but safeguarding it. The wood used for garden furniture is called solid wood, that is to say, that wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees, to ensure greater strength and solidity over time that are synonymous with longer life; aesthetically this material offers a wide range of colors and varieties, to allow everyone to choose the color that best suits their needs. Wood maintenance must be carried out constantly, because atmospheric agents could damage the natural and shiny color of this natural material; thanks to its ductility, the wood is easily decorated with inlays and motifs of various kinds.


PVC is a recently discovered material, but it has had considerable success in the market of furnishing accessories and doors and windows in general and represents an excellent alternative to other materials in the construction of outdoor furniture, because it offers several advantages; first and foremost it is a hydrophobic and fireproof material, which allows it to withstand the fire and humidity of cool evenings. Despite being an oil derivative, PVC is not polluting, but respects and safeguards the environment, since at the end of its life cycle, it is recycled and reused to create new objects; being a plastic material, it can be found in many varieties of colors, to favor the choice based on customer needs. PVC is also an insulating material, both thermally and acoustically, and saves on heating in winter and on air conditioning in summer.


Natural fibers are very common in garden furniture, as they blend with the natural environment and create a sense of harmony; they are also eco-sustainable and biodegradable, as well as very elegant and special. These fibers are very light and allow the furniture to be moved easily in the event of sudden rain; moreover they are easily adaptable to any type of furnishing and architectural style of the house.


Aluminum is a material used above all for wardrobes and garden benches, because thanks to the particular composition of its molecules, it manages to be immune from rust and to always maintain the same splendor for its entire duration. It is also a very shiny material and, therefore, it is widely used in shaded environments, in order to create new points of light.


Wrought iron is present in many gardens, because it adapts easily to all styles of furniture and is also a very elegant material, since it is handmade and offers a variety of decorative motifs. It is a material suitable for environments where it blows a lot of wind, since wrought iron is very stable, but it requires considerable maintenance in order to always have an impeccable appearance.


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