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Garden set

Made of wood, iron, wicker, bamboo. And also of indestructible resin. For terraces and balconies, on the lawn or under the pergola. Practical, functional, elegant. Modular, extendable, foldable. Many proposals for garden sets, there is only the embarrassment of choice, just follow the taste and take into account personal needs.
Speaking of garden sets, once again, it is curious to note two well-defined trend lines: the first all aesthetic, the second all practical. In fact, those who care for their homes down to the smallest detail and around themselves cannot stand that irreproachable visions, from the simplest kitchen tool to the beautiful and important carpet that lends prestige to the living room, it is natural that it extends this attitude even to the whole outdoor furniture whether intended for a garden or its own terrace. Magnificent can be the result of a wise research that combines materials and colors, but the danger faced by this reducible aesthetic is that time, above all atmospheric, but also "historical" wastes its best intentions, because rain, frost, snow, in the long run they do not forgive.
On the other hand, he who safely marries the functionality of the object can easily find himself surrounded by considerable ugliness that really does not cost much and is indestructible, but they so depress the physiognomy of the environment to obscure, sooner or later inevitably, even the impeccable elegance of nature .
So to avoid slipping between the unwary purchase, even if moved by very appreciable feelings, and the purchase so cautious towards the price to be absent-minded, indifferent, it is enough to start on a third way that is that of the rational good taste.
The possibilities are numerous whether you prefer the country style or feel more inclined for a modern, almost high-tech style.


First of all, we must ask ourselves how we mainly intend to occupy the open space because the final effect is in harmony with the surrounding environment. For example, on a medium-sized terrace it will be inappropriate, as well as cumbersome, to insert a very large table just because you want to have plenty of seats available.
On the other hand, the necessary numerous series are welcome, but they will be foldable and put back in some small room at home until they are actually used; as for the table, better an extendable or at least foldable type that outside the crowded lunches will allow a good livability of the open space.
Instead, those who like to stretch in the shade for a nap or rather sit quietly, think decisively of a chaise lounge which, in addition to supporting the back, allows you to comfortably stretch your legs.
A complementary but also useful element, in this case, it will be a small table at your fingertips that allows you to easily access the objects we want to keep us company while relaxing.
The lucky owners of large spaces will instead be able to afford something more than simple chairs, indeed, set up a real reception point. Then a sofa with armchairs and support tables, will know how to recreate a pleasant green living room, as long as it remains air all around: essential not only to be able to move easily, but also to create harmony and restraint without cluttering the spaces. If this were not the case, even a simple bench like the famous one in English parks, for example, will suffice to furnish without suffocating the garden.


The balance between space and space is very important; otherwise a spacious, but not large, terrace ends up looking small and a large but not huge garden, it loses its natural impression to become a bundle of parking lots. In other words, it is better to place a few essential things, the rest, useful on some occasions, but excessive for a permanent situation - chairs, tables, trolleys, umbrellas - find a way to take him elsewhere.
Something important must be said though also on the materials. First of all, on wood: there are woods such as, for example, Scandinavian pine or teak that have proved particularly durable and long lasting. Advanced technological processes to which they are subjected allow them to be used outdoors without particular maintenance, leaving them free from the attack of mold, fungus and atmospheric agents in general.


Not to fear rain and wind there is also bamboo. The pretty and comfortable bamboo or wicker chairs can in fact remain outdoors without fear throughout the summer, if anything, to allow them a long and happy life it would be worth the precaution to protect them during the winter. Polyethylene woven with techniques very close to handmade craftsmanship, is a valiant and elegant substitute for natural fibers: it guarantees resistance and elegance; often it is accompanied by soft "nautical" type cushions that resist dirt and frequent summer showers.
Another interesting material is the painted metal that protects itself from corrosion, keeps its charm intact and presents itself in attractive design forms. It is in fact elegant but also practical, whether it is used in some modern and colorful version or whether it is preferred the traditional nineteenth-century forms. Finally there is the plastic: you can say all the good possible. It is indestructible, economical, light, extremely practical, but it is necessary to pay close attention to style choices: elegance must not be subordinated to practicality. If you do not want to give up the ease of maintenance and like the prominent forms you can opt for the resin seats, sometimes even illuminated inside them, which make an excellent figure by the pool or on the terrace of a modern home.
In short, the possibilities of choice are many; when choosing, let us remember that profit and pleasure are often happy.


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