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In recent years, outdoor furniture has become an essential and characterizing element for homes, holiday farms and small and medium-sized hotels. Identifying the right outdoor furniture allows those who decide to improve the appearance of a building or a single house to give a touch of originality and imagination to the structure, making the stay or the stay much more pleasant. The outdoor furniture makes it possible to make full use of all the outdoor spaces with small tricks that substantially improve the habitability of a garden or a green space with the result of having an area available for any need and eventuality.


The outdoor furniture includes various types and models, starting from the living rooms, used above all to give the external environment a touch of class and to make it as livable as the interior of the home. The outdoor lounges can be in any style, modern, antique or contemporary, to meet personal needs and tastes, to be in harmony with the architectural style of the house; in addition to the lounges, among the external furnishing accessories there are the deckchairs and the sunbeds, used above all for moments of relaxation and for sunbathing during the hot summer days. Also very popular are the benches, adored by children, and the crates-benches, especially useful for storing clothes or other objects that would not find room in the house; even the cabinets are part of outdoor furniture, in fact they can easily be placed on balconies and terraces, taking up little space and truly enhancing the external environment of the house. Then there are the gazebos, used above all in the gardens and on the terraces, since they constitute a place in which to spend time with friends and family, or organize dinners and lunches during the summer and spring days; moreover the gazebos are also a shelter against sudden storms or other types of bad weather. There are also many materials used for the realization of outdoor furniture, from wood, to PVC, to aluminum, to wrought iron.


Wood is the most used material for the construction of outdoor furniture, because thanks to its classic nature, it is able to give the building a touch of class and elegance that other materials do not possess; the wood used for outdoor furniture is solid wood, that is wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the tree to ensure greater stability and durability over time. This material is very suitable for any type of architectural style and has a good resistance against atmospheric agents; it needs constant maintenance, since over time the natural splendor of the wood could fail. Furthermore it is a 100% eco-sustainable material, since it is not treated with harmful chemicals and, at the end of its life cycle, it can degrade biologically without any kind of damage to the environment; thanks to its ductility, wood is very simple to decorate with inlays and motifs of various kinds, to offer customers the opportunity to tastefully choose the outdoor furniture that best suits their home.


Another material widely used for making furniture that falls within the scope of outdoor furniture is PVC, recently created, but which has enjoyed considerable success in the market of furnishing accessories and window frames. PVC is very suitable for outdoor use because it is immune from humidity and can withstand the effects of atmospheric agents well; moreover it is an insulating material and allows to save on heating and in winter on air conditioning. Although it is a petroleum derivative, it is a non-polluting material, because it can be recycled at one hundred percent at the end of its life cycle, safeguarding the external environment.


Aluminum is a material used particularly for outdoor furniture, thanks to the particular composition of its molecules, which make it immune from rust and, therefore, from the attacks of atmospheric agents. Aluminum is also a very shiny material and is used to create new light points in very shady areas; this material does not require great maintenance, because it is very simple to clean.


Even wrought iron is one of the materials chosen for the creation of outdoor furniture, because it has a unique elegance, since it is entirely hand-made and guarantees an impeccable appearance for the duration of its time. Wrought iron is used above all for small tables and benches that have the task of making elegant and enhancing outdoor spaces.


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