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Outdoor lounges

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Outdoor lounges

Practical, light, economical. They are the outdoor furniture, the new solution for furnishing that will make your homes more welcoming and hospitable, giving you and your guests a unique, unexpected living room for truly memorable moments.

Live the outside

Enjoying all this is possible, even today, from your own home, in total comfort, thanks to the presence on the market of increasingly sophisticated outdoor furniture: forget the old iron benches, uncomfortable, which rust in the first rain, needing a constant maintenance and which must be repainted every year!
There are endless solutions that are extremely practical, light and colorful, which will make your garden or terrace extremely glamorous and easy to manage and equip.
Whether large or small, your outdoor space can become splendid and welcoming with little, and your outdoor evenings will be unforgettable.

More privacy with the gazebos

For those who have a large space available, the old classic gazebo is always the ideal solution: from the most elegant wooden and canvas ones to the more practical and light ones made of PVC: they guarantee the necessary privacy and protect against the heat of the sultry summer afternoons. There are fixed and mobile, of varying sizes. Creating true islands of well-being and relaxation in the outer space, they transform it into a natural continuation of your home, immediately giving the garden or terrace a decidedly romantic atmosphere.
They resist the rain, the sun, the wind, and you can find them in all DIY stores, even at very cheap prices.

In the beginning it was bamboo

A malleable wood, with a warm color, light as hollow, which gave an exotic touch to the external space with comfortable and welcoming shapes. It has been a must for years, often accompanied by colorful and lively tapestries, small furnishings such as swings, footrests, islands where you can enjoy the sun and relax. But what a disaster after the first rains! The wood, absorbing water began to rot, blacken, in short, after a season, all the furniture was useless! But fortunately technology is always meeting even those with the most traditional tastes: on the market for some years it is in fact possible to find products with the same shape as that of the most classic bamboo lounge, but made with highly innovative materials, rattan and synthetic fibers, perfectly identical to the old expensive but highly resistant furnishings, as well as to the rains even to the wear of the sun. The models in circulation are endless: it is possible to find sofas with two or more seats, armchairs, lounge chairs, beds, chairs with a traditional or more modern design. And for the colors too, the choice is wide, ranging from the colors that faithfully reproduce the original veins of wood to fashion colors, fluorescent, acid, to make one's garden a true 'contemporary classic'.
All figures can be found in gardening and DIY stores.

The polyurethane revolution

The outdoor furniture in polyurethane is less romantic, decidedly pop, but absolutely innovative and original: historical design names have lent their pencil to create those that, at first sight, look like sofas and armchairs with traditional and reassuring shapes, but which actually turns out to be real caterpillar from outside. Their exceptional ability to withstand the most aggressive atmospheric agents and to preserve their structure and color unaltered over time, places them in the Olympus of living rooms. Beauty, comfort, lightness, strength, design: the secret recipe for an always fashionable exterior.
They are found in furniture stores, often combined with other furnishing accessories such as small tables and small objects. The costs are a little higher, but it is possible to find them at more advantageous prices by buying them online, directly from the suppliers, or even making good deals by searching the net for a good used one.

For the little ones

For those who do not have a particularly large outdoor area, but want to enjoy the fresh spring even from the balcony of the house, there are carefully designed solutions for very small spaces. Usually they are comfortable chairs with armrests, with irresistible colors and witty shapes, stools, small benches with very low prices that manage to give back, even in a few square meters, the pleasant sensation of life in the open air. They are mainly sold in the 'supermarket of the furniture', but in reality they are actually on the market everywhere, winking in design, irresistible in the price. Very often they are in plastics, comfortable, folding, but it is also possible to find them in iron and wood. If chosen with taste, carefully combined with plants and cushions, they can truly revolutionize the appearance of your small balcony, making it new every day.
Completing the endless series of chairs and seats of every style, weird, original, fanciful objects that will make your terrace absolutely unique: storage benches that can be transformed into comfortable seats or bizarri pot holders, waterproof fabric containers essential for transporting food, innovative and surprising lighting systems. Look for them online, at design sites, or at flea markets.
At the bottom, in the garden, on the terrace or on a small balcony, just as in life it is enough just a little color and imagination to make everything new and surprising every day!


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