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Grilles for terraces

Grilles for terraces

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Grilles for terraces

The gratings are panels made up of strips of wood fixed together to form a grid to allow the climbing plants to develop in a controlled way and functional to the aesthetic and comfort requirements of the outdoor environments. They can be used both in gardens and parks, and in balconies and terraces. They are widely used especially in these last environments because they have the double usefulness to create real natural scenes and to cover and protect from sun rays, wind, light and rain.
The pleasantness of the environments that can be created with the gratings means that they are used more and more often, even just to create in exposed places, such as balconies or terraces, corners of privacy and privacy. The weft of the grids is created to allow the plants to climb and develop along a pre-established path that facilitates gardening activities by allowing the terrace to be kept tidier and cleaner. Due to the large variety of sizes and models the gratings can be easily adapted to all types of spaces, thanks to the possibility of combining modules of different sizes. Very versatile in the terraces are the grids structured as gates or those that are born already combined with planters.
These models furnish the environment and avoid having to fix the panels in depth in the ground near the plants. Excellent for furnishing and for optimizing spaces, the grating with corner planter. You can choose with the built-in vase and, with two or four pieces, you can create very special ornamental combinations. Classic is the square-mesh or diagonal mesh grid with decorative comb motifs, slightly more expensive than the first. The wooden strips can in turn be vertical or horizontal and the panel at the apex can be arched or straight. Very fashionable, for the more minimalist design, the flat and horizontal slats, lacquered or varnished that are used very much to furnish avenues and terraces of public places

Features and materials

Before buying them you must always make sure that the gratings have been treated in an autoclave, an impregnating that makes the wood particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and impacts. The oiled pine grids and the electroforged and pressed metal gratings are certainly among the best ever for quality and resistance. Available in various colors and models: from green, to mahogany, to the cherry color, or in the colors of white, ash and wengi, suitable for modern or country environments.
Thanks to these characteristics and its multifunctional features, the grating in the terraces is used more and more as a piece of furniture. Its function in this particular type of environment is to act as a natural perimeter, discreetly closing the open spaces to give shade and privacy to that part of the terrace where the deckchairs or table with chairs are usually placed where to spend pleasant moments hours of relaxation.
The grating, therefore, if well thought out, in its dimensions and composition, can create a new wall and also perform the typical functions of sun shades, windbreaks and the like. This wood and plant backdrop obviously does not require authorizations or licenses unlike other fixed or precarious solutions that must always be reported to the municipality of residence, as they do not constitute structural modifications of the dwelling.


The cost of grilling depends on the model you buy, the material with which it is made and the store that sells it. In shopping malls or local centers the cost is generally lower than that of specialized shops. Grilled products can be purchased online at very affordable prices on various sites specialized in garden and outdoor furniture and structures.
Eye, in this case, not to choose only based on the images of the product. We must first read the technical sheet carefully and verify that the model, material and measurements of the modules available for that article allow us to carry out our project. The same is true if you buy individual modules to be assembled with DIY. With modular programs you can certainly save money. Moreover the elements of the grating are pre-fixed and drilled to facilitate the assembly operations using only screws and some simple household tools but it is necessary to be very precise and careful in the assembly phase.
Prices also vary depending on the material. Wood and iron gratings are more expensive than plastic or PVC ones but are also more resistant. On request, the wood can be treated with a specific paint to change or customize the color.
Prices can start from 50 euros for smaller sizes and reach 150-200 for larger ones.

DIY assembly

To save money and to personalize grilling, you can use DIY that is available to everyone because it is not necessary to use drills or other dangerous equipment. In gardening stores you will find the modular elements for sale individually, available in various sizes or standard, painted or unfinished to be painted at will, which allow you to easily create customized and exclusive solutions. For the assembly only small squares are needed, a pencil to mark the points of the modules to be fixed with the screws, a spirit level to check that the strips are mounted straight. On the web you can find lots of guides, tips and useful ideas for mounting DIY grids.


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