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Dried flowers decorations

Dried flowers decorations

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Dried flowers decorations

Lately many people are increasingly choosing to dedicate themselves to the hobby of creating decorations with dried flowers, a truly creative practice, but above all capable of giving their home environment that extra touch so as to make it unique and magical; the decorations created with dried flowers, in fact, can vary from beautiful centerpieces, to small decorations for the house including pout pourri, up to real compositions of medium / large dimensions. Regardless of the size of the decorations you intend to make, to begin with you do not need a large number of tools, but some simple accessories, a bit of creativity, craftsmanship and a great desire to experiment and combine new colors and scents. The strength of this pastime is, first of all, that of being able to be exploited at any time of the year: during the Christmas festivities, for example, it is possible to decorate the house with creations made with one's own hands, to make some small gift ideas for dear friends, or set the table with a nice themed centerpiece. But the ideas do not end there: even in all the other seasons, in fact, it is possible to give vent to one's imagination by using flowers and plants of various kinds to make small masterpieces.

How to proceed with flower drying

Even if it is not known, in reality not all species of flowers and plants present in nature are able to resist the drying process, but this depends mainly on the method that will be used. Mainly three methods can be identified, all effective, but not applicable, in fact, to all flowers and plants; below, the description of each procedure with an indication of the species that can be dried. The first method, and perhaps the most common and used one, is that which involves hanging the flowers with the corollas upside down in a dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight which could alter the colors; to be able to proceed with this technique it is necessary, first of all, to remove any thorns and leaves present on the stem, tie the flowers in small bunches, but paying attention to that the corollas, rich in water, are not close to each other, in how much this could create, in the long run, an environment that is too wet for proper drying. Flowers such as lavender, rose, peony, sage, daisy, mimosa, iris, dahlia and hydrangea are particularly suitable for this type of process. The second drying method is that which involves the use of a press, which can also be built using two wooden panels, screws and bolts, or by placing the flowers in the middle of two very heavy books and isolating each flower with newspaper; with this method we need flowers with small leaves and petals that are not too bulky, such as the violet, the primula, the poppy, the fern and the maple. Finally, the third method has very long times, but allows the drying of most flowers and plants; specifically, it is a process that involves the use of substances such as sand, borax or glycerin, all of which can gradually dehydrate the flower or plant in question.

Creating a centerpiece with dried lavender and eucalyptus flowers

An excellent idea to make any lunch or dinner in truly unforgettable company, is to create an original centerpiece, able to amaze all guests; first get all the necessary items: dried lavender flowers, dry eucalyptus twigs, a synthetic sponge base for florists, a pair of shears, small underwire and a ceramic or plastic container. Proceed by soaking the sponge with water and placing it inside the chosen container (preferably violet in color like lavender), then continue by inserting lavender flowers, alternating with eucalyptus twigs, fixed one to the other with appropriate ferretti; try to fill all the sponge, so that it is not visible and overlapping the lavender and eucalyptus until total coverage. To finish the whole thing, finally, put yourself at the center a large lilac-colored candle and surround the base with an other satin ribbon at least 2 cm, always in a lilac color.

How to create a crown of dried flowers

Another decoration element, this time to hang on the wall or outside the front door, is the crown composed of dried roses, mixed flowers, various twigs at will and an organza bow; in addition to all these materials, also get a synthetic florist sponge, but this time it has a circular shape and a hole in the center; as for the centerpiece, proceed by inserting all the elements (roses, flowers, twigs and leaves) according to your personal taste, but without leaving holes all around the crown. Finally, finish off your creation by adding an organza bow of the same color as the roses that can also be used as a hanging hook.


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