Meaning peach blossoms

Meaning peach blossoms

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Meaning peach blossoms

Even if you have a small garden it is always nice to plant a peach tree, not only for productive purposes, but also for ornamental purposes and for the beauty and scent of its flowers. In fact, peach is one of the first fruit-bearing plants to blossom and the scent of its flowers is something unique and unmistakable in the first sunny spring days.
In addition to flowers, peaches are also highly appreciated for their bearing, which after a few years of patience and care to ensure that the plant takes the desired shape, stabilizes with small growths and with sizes and shapes that tend not to change much in time, thus maintaining the harmony of this plant.


The peach tree is native to China, where it can still be found in the wild. the beautiful flowers that this tree produces have been the subject of famous poems, songs and paintings.
The peach trees have ancient origins in fact they date back to ancient Egypt and for some gods they were sacred.
In Europe it was introduced by Charlemagne, who fell in love with the splendor of the colors of its flowers and the goodness of its fruits.
For the production the record goes to the United States, followed by Italy, Spain, Greece, China and France. In Italy the first peach orchards date back to the early nineteenth century.
An ancient legend tells that the peach tree was born thanks to a fisherman, who after having pulled a big fish ashore with difficulty found a strange and big stone in his belly, intrigued he decided to plant it in front of his hut, after a few months ago a small tree was born that in the spring months is dressed in pretty flowers with rosy shades. The first fruit derived from it was called peach, as a tribute to its origin.

Plant characteristics

The peach tree is a shrub of medium size, in fact it grows under five meters in height, it has an erect and long-limbed stem with poor branching. During the flowering period it presents very colorful flowers, in shades of pink, and they bloom in small clusters scattered along the branches with no leaves. They prefer temperate and not cold climates. They can also flower both on the ground and in pots. In pots it is ideal the dwarf variety that does not exceed the two meters of height, it must be planted in autumn and to favor the appearance of the flowers and the fruits it is preferable to insert clay and peat.
To make long lasting i peach flowers it is necessary to irrigate them frequently and with abundant water right during the flowering period, which begins at the end of the winter season and continues until spring.
Fertilization is very important to ensure a healthy and robust plant, it is preferable in winter using organic fertilizers such as manure that brings the main nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, in fact these three elements guarantee the development of numerous peach flowers, with bright and intense color.

The flowers and their meaning

The main feature of the peach flowers It is that they develop before the leaves, covering the branches in all their length. Bloom in the spring period between March and April. They are hermaphroditic flowers, that is, they are provided with both reproductive structures, the female gynoecium and the masculine androcean. They are formed by five petals and five sepals attached to the base, which form a single structure, appearing in the color of white pink and purple red with light dark shades.
Inside the peach blossoms are the stamens, about thirty in great quantity, covered by a small two-lobed bud called anther where a yellow powder is born, the so-called pollen that will serve to fertilize the ovary, located at below the pistil.
These flowers can have different sizes and shapes, and their flowering is long and homogeneous and lasting.
The peach blossom has different meanings in different countries. In Western countries it is considered the symbol of spring and the resumption of vegetative activity after the long pause of cold periods, is a symbol of prosperity and immortality, in fact its flowering is symbolized with feasts and the plants are decorated, symbolizing the season of harvest and therefore of life.
In Egypt, it is considered the symbol of silence. In Italy, on the other hand, if the peach blossoms are given away, their message is profound admiration and gratitude, if instead their meaning is dreamed of it is joy, in fact whoever dreams of them lives a beautiful life, happy and full of affection and good, a prosperous life . In the language of flowers, the peach flowers belong to the category of pink and delicate flowers and their meaning is linked to amorous feelings, in fact these flowers symbolize an immense, lasting and immortal love, giving peach flowers to a woman is a clear sign of eternal love.

The evolution of meaning.

Over the years, the peach flower it has assumed a remarkable importance and a significant meaning among the young, tattoo lovers, in fact drawing on the body a branch of peach flowers symbolizes the union and solidity of the family, the peach tree branch it represents a real strain, while the flowers represent the members divided by age, in fact the flowers still in bud are the youngest components, the flowers for open represent the young while the biggest flowers of size and more majestic represent the elderly.