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Mediterranean gardens

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Usually the main purpose of the Mediterranean garden is to create shade, to do so, it is necessary to have at least one tree with a large crown. Among these it is convenient to choose a mulberry tree, carob or lime tree, olive tree, even better a palm or a pomegranate or citrus, even the fig tree is ideal.We can then enrich with succulent plants around because they are very resistant. The main tree should be placed in a strategic point, so as to give light but at the same time shade and stillness on the house. If you have the ability to plant more trees it is advisable to place them in different, perhaps opposite, places to create a visual game, but also to place the light itself.At the center of the garden we arrange a fountain, which we can embellish with aquatic plants. Better still if you have the possibility of creating small streams.Being this rather spartan garden, to give it a touch of sweetness, we will add around the stream of plants with flowers that have an extremely ornamental appearance. So for example of roses, geraniums, begonias, but also creepers as long as they bloom. Also the prickly pear can be very characteristic and then its fruits are delicious and grow in abundance.The first step is obviously to create a project of what you want to create, deciding at the moment would only create chaos. You can opt for DIY, or get help from experienced people, just remember the simple structural rules.Many people want to recreate a hidden environment to find their privacy, so here we have to use walls, hedges and objects for protection. These are sometimes essential for plants, especially for those that do not fit well with strong winds. In this regard it is advisable to use climbing plants, which in addition to a fabulous aesthetic, have the dual purpose of embellishing and protecting. The hedges are obviously even more beautiful, but these are a perfect nest for birds and animals, therefore, keep in mind.As for the area intended for water, it is ideal to create a lake or a fountain, in fact, Mediterranean environments are always accompanied by water courses. Here, however, it is important to be careful, both the fountains and the lakes, are in fact stagnant water and this attracts mosquitoes that can become an unfortunate problem over time. Use a biological filter but never chemicals, especially if in the water you decide to put some fish, these sometimes are mosquito lovers and will certainly clean up the area.To embellish use aquatic plants such as water lilies or lotus flowers.Mediterranean gardens: What kind of plant should you choose?

In a Mediterranean garden, of course, we will choose plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub, then laurel, rosemary, olive, etc., but it is also very nice to include plants of different types that over time have become used to our climate, such as citrus fruits and palm trees. As mentioned above, the plants that resist most are the fat ones, but also the oleander.
When creating your garden, always remember that being composed of a living species requires the utmost care and attention. Design it so that it is not only beautiful to the eye but also harmonious and functional. Evaluate well the combinations of the various types of plants, carefully choose the fertilizers and water them according to what is established for each species. If you fear insects or other types of animals always use natural or organic remedies, never fertilizers or chemicals that deteriorate and modify the plant, alternating its essence: naturalness.


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