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In the hectic and stressful life of cities, getting a moment to live outdoors at home has become a need. it is not necessary to have a large land available but a few square meters are enough to create a comfortable and relaxing environment in your own garden, where you can spend pleasant moments in the company of friends and relatives. The garden gazebo is the right way to create all this. Furthermore, the outbuildings outside the dwellings also give a small property a great added value, causing the economic value of the house to rise exponentially in some cases. In general, the garden gazebo consists of a number of pillars, usually four or six, and a roof with sloping roofs, to allow easy disposal of rain or other atmospheric agents.


The great potential of the garden gazebo is that it can satisfy all the personal needs and all the architectural styles of the houses. in fact, thanks to the fact that the garden gazebo can be built in different models, it is able to satisfy all tastes, from the most classic to the most extravagant. Among the materials used to build the garden outbuildings and especially the gazebo there is certainly wood. In fact, wood is first and foremost a natural material, one hundred percent biodegradable, which fits well in a context in which we want to recreate a rural environment. Moreover, thanks to its ductility and softness, even the most inexperienced DIY enthusiasts can easily be worked on. In fact, even if there are centers where it is possible to buy the prefabricated garden gazebo, for which it is only necessary to assemble the pieces, building a wooden gazebo is a delight and a personal satisfaction. Wood, however, being made of 100% natural fibers suffers from external weather conditions and therefore requires pre-treatment and constant care, at least annually, with suitable impregnating materials. But also the annual care of the garden gazebo is a moment of relaxation for those who like to try their hand at DIY jobs. Even PVC is a very common material in the construction of the garden gazebo. Like wood, even PVC is a very light material, but it has some advantages over it. Being a petroleum derivative, PVC is a synthetic material resistant to humidity, to atmospheric agents and to sudden changes in temperature, thus not requiring constant maintenance. Moreover, being very light it can reach considerable dimensions, while remaining light. Thanks to its lightness, in fact, it can be moved easily when you decide to change it or move. Despite being a synthetic plastic material it is totally fireproof and non-toxic. The PVC garden gazebo has considerable advantages over wood, but unlike wood, a PVC gazebo cannot be built from scratch by the buyer. Therefore, the PVC garden gazebo is a product aimed above all at those who do not intend to engage in construction work, for those who do not like DIY and those who prefer practicality and speed of construction. The garden gazebo can also be produced in aluminum, a material that is becoming increasingly popular within the window and garden furniture market, since it is a hydrophobic and fireproof material, in fact its molecules make it prone to rust and, therefore, suitable for outdoor construction; aluminum for garden gazebos is a material of recent production, but very used for all types of windows and doors. Aluminum is also eco-sustainable, since it does not pollute the environment and fits perfectly into any type of furniture, without disturbing the aesthetics of the home in which it is placed. The lightness of the aluminum garden gazebo allows it to be applied in any type of environment and be moved with great ease; aluminum is also very resistant to atmospheric corrosion, since it creates on its surface an oxide film that is difficult to penetrate, which gives it an unparalleled durability and resistance. Even the material that makes up the garden gazebo cover is very important, since it represents an efficient protection against rain and snow, allowing the weather to slip and fall to the ground without causing any damage to the gazebo; garden gazebo cover can be in cotton, usually waxed or plasticized to make it waterproof and resistant to bad weather. Usually, the plastic film is widely used for garden gazebos, a very waterproof material that allows perspiration, but at the same time prevents liquids from penetrating inside the gazebo.


There are also many garden gazebo models available on the market: the classic model is composed of a square and a sloping roof, but there are also other forms, such as the circular model, or hexagonal and octagonal, which lend themselves to the most varied requirements of the clientele, based on the portion of land that it intends to cover. There are also folding garden gazebos, used above all by those who need a gazebo to be closed and moved to any corner of the garden, varying their position year after year; these folding gazebos are very practical and comfortable, since they consist of an iron or steel frame that allows the gazebo to be easily mounted, also using hinges that connect the various pieces of the frame. Garden gazebos can be enriched with decorations of all kinds, such as closable windows, or with doors made of flexible material, which can be opened at any time; the folding gazebos can be adjustable in height according to the needs of each one and, they are also very comfortable because they can be closed and stored inside a special bag, to then be used only during the spring and summer period. Garden gazebos can take on any type of color, according to the tastes of each client and depending on the furnishing of the house.
Choosing to install a gazebo in your garden means making the right choice to spend unforgettable moments in the company of family and friends, relaxing on hot days, or sheltering from a sudden summer storm. Therefore it is only necessary to choose among the multiple models and materials and start using your own garden gazebo, which will make the home even more chic.


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