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Outdoor furniture

Each house, although very refined and of exquisite taste, or very practical and modern, can only draw charm and style from an external context, adorned and furnished specifically to embellish the overall image of the dwelling and its hospitable inhabitants. Therefore, to realize the home of your dreams, it is also important to take care of everything related to the furnishing of the exterior, meaning in this sense all the furniture and accessories that will enrich outdoor environments and gardens. To start, it is good to clearly define your needs, in view of small social events to be organized in the open area, of activities to be practiced in your free time and of the wishes of those who will actually live the beauties of the external spaces of the dwelling, to try to define all that must be considered fundamental and indispensable for outdoor furnishing, so that it is not only aesthetically impeccable, but also practical and functional. Throwing some notes on the square footage to be furnished, on the open air spaces to be set up, on the number of pieces to be inserted can be a good start to define the rough outline that will guide the purchases or the expert hand of the person in charge. Furthermore, it is good that the style of the external furnishing is not too detached from the one chosen for the interior fitting, so that everything harmonises in an overall image of the dwelling ... really impressive!

Small gardens grow

If you have a small garden available, but would still like to enrich it with outdoor furniture, remember that a careful choice can emphasize the volume and the spaces, allowing an optical effect of great impact, which visually makes the space appear to be wider in your arrangement. For example, choosing solid-colored furniture, possibly with tones that match the colors of the external flooring or the green of the plants you have selected, helps to create an optical effect of indefinite contour, visually obtaining a wider overall image. The contrasting tones on the other hand generate a sort of "room projected into an external environment" effect, proving to be useful if your goal is to create an external environment, however, oriented towards an intimate and intimate atmosphere. Also remember that a reduced space has the advantage of being simpler to maintain, also allowing you to change its style and furnishings more frequently and without bleeding. Finally, a further indication of an aesthetic nature: the new trends coming from the Northern Countries make the furnishings in natural materials acquire new light, possibly in light woods and with clear and squared lines, easy to insert in any external context, beautiful and practical to live and to share, in moments of relaxation in the family or amusement with friends. This furnishing is also perfect for small spaces with lawns!

Large spaces, great solutions

If you have time and space at your disposal, you have two possible solutions from which to choose the one that best suits your needs: try to furnish all the space, diluting the furniture and furnishing accessories along the way, or cut out a more ambit harvest to furnish to create a sort of "environment in the environment". In the first case, along an imaginary path outlined by your imagination, you can initially arrange two high hemp rigid pillows, to be covered with cushions stuffed in soft fabric in a contrasting color (a beautiful purple or garnet tone for example) or in a neutral or natural color (white, ivory or beige), taking care to place clear, flat stones next to it, and a small table in a natural material in tone; at a distance of a few meters you will instead have a rattan sofa, with cushions that follow the previously used color, two armchairs of the same style and another small table, slightly larger. At your convenience, always along a more or less defined path, you can place other small locations at intervals. Furthermore, in such a sober and natural context, it would be ideal to take advantage of the presence of nearby trees to place a hammock that welcomes guests and friends in a relaxing embrace of serenity.

Innovation: the geometric lines in the garden

If you have a home entirely furnished according to the modern dictates of the clear, regular and precise styles of the ultra-modern design furniture, the ideal would be to be able to extend the same style also to the exterior, thus creating precise and geometric green spaces, to be treated with care and patience to regulate the growth of plants and direct them to follow the needs dictated by our imagination. After creating well-defined paths and carefully designed flower beds and pots, the next step is to select a suitable furniture. Space therefore for new materials, especially for the art that comes from recycling and creativity that marries attention to the environment and eco-sustainability. In this way you will get not only solutions of great aesthetic and functional impact (since the furniture produced with recycled materials can prove to be extremely practical, washable and multi-purpose) but you will succeed in representing an easy and philosophy-oriented lifestyle and respect for the environment through your decor choices. You will also discover that adhering to the values ​​of an environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture will make you cool and admired, because stars from all over the world are increasingly choosing to enrich their environments with objects and furniture designed and realized in the name of material recovery. of innovation and creativity that, transfused into obsolete objects, make the substance live again making it art!

Outdoor furniture: Your needs come first, always

Finally, remember that the furnishings of the outdoor environment, such as the interior, must meet the needs and desires of the whole family, and make you happy every day with the choices made for outdoor furniture. So if you have children, it would be nice to also include games and spaces intended for them, for freedom and imagination that are just waiting to come out! If, on the other hand, you love to receive outdoors, tables and chairs will prove to be indispensable to allow you to be an impeccable host, ready to make guests and diners happy in every occasion, always in the spirit of light-heartedness and freedom to walk barefoot on the cured grass, to settle down to have a chat on a sofa, to use some delicacy from a specially laid table. After imagining the small events that will make you popular and desired, choose to enrich the exterior with easy and free style chairs, stools and cushions, to spend sparkling and sparkling summer evenings, lively spring aperitifs, peaceful and mild autumns in company and ... good fun! Your outdoor furniture is served!


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