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Furnishing the interiors and exteriors of their homes is the duty of every person who loves to feel at ease within the home walls, because the house reflects its character and allows guests to receive guests with dignity. Even the garden and the exterior of a building must be treated with care, through the introduction of furnishings of all kinds; the gazebos are very useful and widespread, providing a safe shelter during summer storms and also a place to welcome guests on different occasions. Moreover the gazebos make the garden of a house more livable, especially during wet and cool evenings; they are usually square, hexagonal or octagonal in shape and are covered by a pavilion that can be of different materials.


There are many materials with which it is possible to build gazebos: surely the most used material is wood, which has a very pleasant and classic appearance, managing to give the garden and the entire house a noble and very elegant note. It is a very youthful and resistant material, in fact thanks to its elasticity, the wooden gazebos can withstand very long over time; moreover, wood is an eco-sustainable material, since it is naturally produced without being treated with chemical agents and, therefore, it is bio-degradable at the end of its life cycle. Wooden gazebos can be decorated with a lot of imagination, according to everyone's needs, since wood is a very ductile material; furthermore these gazebos can have windows, doors or be totally open. The wood needs constant maintenance, since it suffers a lot from humidity and therefore could be damaged if not carefully treated; the wood used for the gazebos is the solid wood, that is the one taken directly from the trunk of the tree and, therefore, more robust than the other types, to make the wooden gazebos more resistant and durable. Another material widely used for the creation of gazebos is PVC, a material of recent invention but widespread in recent times, since it is very resistant and widely used for the construction of windows of all kinds; PVC for gazebos is an excellent solution, because it is very durable, resistant to humidity and the attacks of any acid, as well as being resistant to any type of atmospheric agent, since it is hydrophobic and 100% waterproof. Despite being a material derived from petroleum, PVC for gazebos is highly recyclable and eco-sustainable, so as to allow respecting the environment; PVC is also an insulating material both thermal and acoustic to the point that allows you to save both on heating in winter and on air conditioning in summer. The maintenance of the PVC gazebos is minimal, in fact it is possible to clean the structure simply with the aid of a damp cloth, which allows to clean thoroughly and without damaging the surface of the PVC gazebo. Finally, another material widely used for the construction of gazebos is aluminum, a material that is able to withstand above all the attacks of atmospheric agents, since its molecules have a particular structure that makes the aluminum immune from rust and, therefore, It is very suitable for the gazebos that must be placed outside the house. Furthermore, aluminum is a very shiny material, in fact it manages to create light points even in the darkest environments, making the garden bright and suitable for welcoming friends on sunny days. Even the roof of the gazebos can be of different materials, but the most used is the film, which is very waterproof and allows you to slide snow and rain easily and without any problem.


There are also many models, shapes and colors available for the gazebos; the most used gazebos are the fixed ones, comfortable because they are more firm to the ground, while there are also the mobile and foldable ones that allow them to be moved from one place to another and, therefore, more comfortable because based on personal needs they can bring advantage in the place where you need it. There are also many forms that gazebos can take, from the square to the hexagon, to the octagon, depending on the tastes of each one and the size one needs. The gazebos can also have some plastic windows to facilitate the entry of light, but at the same time allow you to feel inside a real home.
The gazebos are the right choice for those who want to decorate their garden with a touch of class, combining business with pleasure and completing the interior decoration of the gazebos with some sitting area or bench.


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