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Garden furniture

Garden furniture

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Garden furniture

Especially during the summer season the garden becomes a real domestic space in which to receive guests, organize dinners or buffets, drink a good glass of wine in the company while enjoying the tranquility of a space surrounded by nature, where to escape to escape the summer heat and to the city chaos.
For the lucky ones who have a house surrounded by a green space, interior decorators and design offer accessories and components to make this space comfortable and hospitable.


Depending on the space available, you can choose to surround a part of the garden with a gazebo. It is a choice that takes up a typical tradition of the Italian garden: many historic houses host a reserved space in the courtyards where the owner used to receive other nobles, friends or eminent personalities who came as ambassadors to whom he served refined tea and important cafes from exotic places. It consisted mainly of small masonry constructions decorated with bucolic or mythological themes. Even today you can reproduce a similar atmosphere by installing small or large gazebos in wood and fabric or in wrought iron and fabric in the garden. Reproducing the function of Bedouin tents in the desert will offer an intimate and tasteful space where to spend the hottest evenings of the year. This is a highly useful solution that allows you to exploit the potential of a more or less enclosed or otherwise isolated space but at the same time immersed in the nature of a garden designed as a continuation of the domestic environment.
The same function of the gazebo can absolve marquees, tents of easy opening to be used only on certain occasions or modular: or structures that can widen or shrink depending on the needs.
A typical form of garden roof is the pergola, a green, hospitable and very environmentally friendly roof.


Once you have imagined the garden as a space to be exploited like any other room in the house, you will have to look for furniture and furnishing components that make this space functional and comfortable.
If you have already chosen to mount a gazebo or a tent it will be essential to place a table and chairs inside it. In businesses you will find suitable proposals for all tastes and all pockets: elegant suits in wood or wrought iron or more practical and modern in steel, fixed, extendable or folding. The chairs can be enriched with soft cushions that reflect the color of the predominant flower in the garden or that of the facade of the adjacent house.
If you want to opt for a more informal solution that for reasons of space, for example, does not provide a covered structure, you can choose benches or sofas to be placed at strategic points in the available space. Maybe near plants of particular value or beauty or in favor of a particularly attractive landscape, in order to take advantage of particular atmospheres like in the film Notting Hill where Julia Roberts sitting on a bench is the protagonist of a romantic love scene.
Also in this case you can choose various types of benches: from those with a more rustic or rural look to those more elegant in wood than traditional ones with parallel bands.


Those who have smaller spaces available can embellish them with planters, to be placed on the floor or wall units, in which to grow colorful flowers that give a sure sense of joy and vitality to the whole house. The "green thumb" hosts can install small greenhouses in your garden where you can not only grow flowers but also create a real miniature garden.
Among the objects with a not purely aesthetic function like not remembering lamps and lanterns. In commerce there are many variations from traditional garden lights to sophisticated lamps that are powered by solar energy.
In the common imagination, the pool is the main decor of a garden, long considered a status symbol, today it is a very common element in homes. It can be of various shapes: rectangular, oval or other shapes at the discretion of the owner it makes unique the area that surrounds it which can be further enriched with deck chairs, armchairs or real sofas. Or you can recreate a game of jets of water with a fountain.


However, a green, isolated and welcoming space is not a peculiarity of houses with gardens. It is possible to recreate a small green space also in the cities and even the apartment buildings can use a small space in their apartment, where they can receive friends and recreate themselves from city stress.
Anyone with a balcony or small terrace can transplant the same elements that we usually find in the gardens, with the exception of course of swimming pools or fountains.
If the space available is particularly large, a gazebo, a tent and sometimes even a small pergola can be set up, surrounded by flower boxes in which to grow evergreens that do not require special care and therefore adapt to the hectic life of the city. . Obviously you can indulge in the choice of tables, chairs or sofas that perhaps take up the taste that determined the choice of the interiors and illuminate everything with hanging lanterns and candle holders.


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