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Balconies with multicolored flowers

It is true that the multicolored flowers, give their contribution but also the containers where they were placed, give their essential contribution. On the market there are pots that have the power to transform a simple plant into a plant queen. Moreover the pots have characteristics that make the plants more luxuriant through techniques that allow an optimal drainage. The studies on the plants that are continually carried out have given life to innovative ideas that do not only concern the aesthetics but also the health of our friends. It is not wrong to count the plants as elements to which one becomes attached in the same way as a pet and it is not even difficult to imagine the pain one feels when a seedling perishes to the point of withering. Those who treat plants daily with love and dedication, know that when a plant dries up, it really feels a great helplessness. That is why, some vases are suitable to avoid such unpleasant problems.

Attentive to the quality of the vase

Whether via the web, in virtual stores or in garden centers, there is a wide variety of balcony pots designed to meet all the needs of the plant. First, we need to think about the specific needs of the plant. There are plants that suffer from heat, others that fear the cold, others that want mild temperatures, others that do not tolerate narrow spaces. Well, before even thinking about the technology that the world of gods balcony pots has designed to make the plants look good, also think about the location and the space you will give to your plants in their containers. Choose them of excellent quality plastic, possibly of Italian origin because some brands of foreign vases, have a strange odor that inevitably makes us think of the use of recycled plastic and above all waste. The materials of this plastic, many times they are toxic to the roots that slowly, could absorb the noxious agents of this material somewhat sneaky. In the same way as we humans, we are afraid of having food come into contact with containers of undoubted origin, so plants should not be placed in healthy environments. Always use the excellent soil mixed with peat. In fact, not only are the pots important but also the elements you use to plant the plants. To think about the health of the plants, it is necessary to have the main base which are precisely the vessels which today fortunately offer a thousand possibilities of collocation.

Cassette jars

If your balcony is large and you plan to grow vegetables as well as flowers, opt for those tall, sturdy and above all large rectangular box jars where you can plant vegetables, bulbs and even small fruit trees naturally by observing the techniques for those grow in a pot and not in the garden. They are large pots with saucers for water drainage and easy to move. Of course you will be informed and you know that some plants suffer from the heat, others fear the cold and others still do not like to receive gusts of current. Because of their safety, it is necessary to move these large containers, in secluded places or to place them directly in direct sunlight. There are endless qualities and quantities, the choice is really vast and immediately reaches the purpose for which you want to use it. If, for example, you like to grow a vegetable garden on your balcony and you need not only cassette jars but also a support for climbing vegetables like tomatoes, there is no need to put trellises or do-it-yourself grills. There are already those vases that come with a fixed grid. This vase is very useful for growing plants such as climbing tomatoes or for use as a flower box to accommodate plants such as ivy, wisteria or jasmine. They are useful for the purpose and above all they give a sense of order to the place where they are placed. They also become a valid element that appears as a piece of furniture. Cassette jars have multiple shapes to suit all tastes. The qualities of the materials are all excellent, naturally avoiding those of undoubted origin. The vase most requested by almost all fans, is the rectangular planter with wooden grid. Warm, certainly very rustic and comfortable in appearance, this vase is always the most used on almost all balconies. It is waterproof and therefore does not allow water to escape and is also available in various colors. There it remains that it can be repainted with the shade you want in a particular way, when it needs the usual annual maintenance. In this case, the balcony planter must be emptied, cleaned with a hard bristle brush to remove traces of soil, painted again with acrylic paints for wood, passed over with a polishing liquid and will be ready to face a new year with the same plants or with new crops. The maintenance, however, is not necessary, we say that those who want to practice it in excess of zeal, always find a vase that looks shiny and perfect as if it were new.

Double, triple and quadruple bottom vases

You don't even have any idea of ​​the hard work behind vessel planning and structuring. There are agronomists and land surveyors who study to make plants live in an environment that is appropriate and above all suitable for their life. Plants are very delicate organisms and need extreme and daily care if they really want to boast of having a balcony worthy of being admired. There are some species of plants that do not like being in the company for the simple fact that they want to space their roots and want to have a predominant territory. If this desire is not fulfilled, as punishment there is almost always death by suffocation of the plant or of the one placed side by side with it which holds it in the grip of its roots which, widening, suffocate it. Also very useful to promote the growth of seedlings in the process of sprouting or seeds, these vessels with double bottom, triple or quadruple, are also used when you want to sprout a small sketch of seedling and then pass it in a larger pot. Usually you buy the tender shoots, in garden centers and then plant them in these vases and finally when they appear sturdy, they are poured and buried in the vase you want. The same operation must be carried out with the seeds of any plant that you want to take root in the soil, be it vegetable or flowering plant. The element is interposed in the special compartment, it is watered, it expects it to grow and sprout and then it is poured and it passes into the vase to which you have destined the plant. With an extremely modern design, these vases have different and very elegant shapes. They can even be placed on the balcony railing without fear that they may fall due to gusts of wind or very strong air currents. They have an excellent draining effect through the use of expanded clay which is spread on the bottom of the pot which is then covered with soil. If the area where the vase is exposed is subject to continuous rain, it is necessary to drill the vase with the tip of a drill to allow better drainage to the water. The saucers have a raised edge and do not allow water to form under the vase. The dimensions of these vases are varied. It starts from small pots like the ones mentioned above, suitable for the sprouting plants and much larger pots where to plant already grown plants that still want to be alone. And here, you can make room for your creativity because you can make truly beautiful compositions by combining plant species that would usually not survive if put together in a single pot. You can combine shrubs or mini-trees with hanging or climbing flowering plants using supports and gratings that you will insert into the vase in question. You can even create compositions that see succulent plants together with very delicate herbaceous plants. A real outlet for your creativity!

" title="For the balcony there is also the decor line ">For the balcony there is also the decor line

The manufacturers of balcony pots, like to please the customer so that he can not only have fun with his exciting hobby but also decorate the balcony with vases of modern and weird shape. In fact, if you combine your passion with design, everything will be done so that your balcony, also thanks to outdoor furniture such as umbrellas, chairs, tables and chairs with white cushions, can become a perfect oasis of green even in the heart of a chaotic and hectic city. If the balcony is equipped with structural columns, there are those tall and long granite vases that can contain plants like saplings that can reach up to the ceiling. An excellent outdoor furnishing idea are the most absurd ceramic vases that can contain delicate herbaceous flowering plants or even saplings and robust plants. It all depends on their size and the element you want to place in the vase. They are circular, rectangular or square vases that satisfy the tastes of every enthusiast. Some companies have even designed a vase in the vase with characteristic Christmas designs. They are vases that cover the normal container of the plant and are bought to size. The most attentive to outdoor furniture, can buy these elements and transform the balcony, in a magical place that recalls those snowy and fantastic places that Santa Claus crosses with his own sled. They are vases fitted with Christmas decorations such as reindeer that pull the sleigh, very funny looking snowmen and red or white Christmas stars. In short, even your balcony can become one of those enchanting places that have something special and fairy.

Balcony pots: Plastic or resin pots?

One of the doubts that can most frequently affect those who do gardening and has vases, when it has to renew their own, is to understand if they are better plastic pots or resin pots and why. Any person who has looked for pots will have to pay attention to the different prices these two types of jars have.
Resin vases are much more expensive than plastic vases and obviously behind this price there are a number of very noticeable features of these vases. Resin vases are in fact much more resistant than plastic ones and do not get damaged if they are exposed to cold, frost and weather. Plastic jars, on the other hand, suffer a lot from cold, frost and water. It is almost always light plastics and the lower cost of these jars is obviously reflected in lower quality.


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