Plant nurseries

The nursery and the task of the nurseryman

These structures that you can of course visit, are equipped with excellent technicians who, through special studies, know how to advise you even if you are completely fasting regarding the flora sector in general. The nursery gardening management is entrusted to people of this caliber who with their experience can beautify gardens and terraces but can bestow not only advice regarding plants and flowers but also on more or less extensive plots of land. So even if you need to set up a greenhouse and want to know how plants are kept, the nursery technician will make sure to help you through his specific knowledge. Serious and scrupulous nurseries know that they must necessarily have a working environment, people who have this kind of knowledge of the vegetable garden and nursery because they are addressed not only to the public passionate about flowering as a hobby but also to an audience that wants to expand his knowledge or wants to start a path that leads him to something really concrete. Even for those who have an urban garden, it is important to learn more about the type of crops to be planted to obtain a crop that, although it is only for the family, must always be of excellent quality.

We can all safely visit a nursery for any reason. The nurseries are open to the public for retail or wholesale and can be useful even if we want to beautify our balcony with flowering plants, if we want to buy seeds or if we simply want to buy a plant to make a gift. The varieties of plants exposed are innumerable and all arranged in an orderly and labeled manner. In fact, on every plant or composition, you will find a label that gives the plant a name and indicates its origin. Also in this case, you can ask the operators for advice who will be happy to give you other specific details. You will be educated on how to care for the plant, on what exposure to give it, where to locate it if there is sun and where to move it in the event of weather conditions that are not suitable. Quietly ask for all the news you need because these professionals are just for this, that is, to satisfy the customer and give them all the information necessary to take care of the floral element they are buying. The same is true if you need small sprout plants that you want to plant in pots on your balcony or in your backyard. The nurseries present a sector that is interested in the seeds of vegetable plants or vegetable seedlings already sown and growing. You will be delighted to observe how carefully those seeds were planted that will one day become tomatoes, peppers, courgettes or cucumbers.The expert's advice

If you have just started cultivating a small plot of land and buying sprouts and seeds in a nursery, the nurseryman can come to your garden to do an inspection especially if you are not accustomed to the type of fruit and vegetable crops but you have always been interested in flowers or plants from balcony and terrace. In fact, there are certain periods of the year suitable for planting shoots or seeds, that is when the soil appears moist at the right point without being too dry or too dry. Of course we also need to know what consistency is made of the soil and then the nurseryman will protect himself with special PH meters that will establish what the soil can actually produce without problems. Here his advice turns out to be very important. It would be useless to plant vegetables and seeds in large quantities, when the soil could not make up for the actual needs of the plant. The nurseryman will also teach you to irrigate the garden in the right way by avoiding a wrong drainage that could surely make the roots mold. In fact, when transplanting a plant, soil irrigation must be abundant and constant for at least the first year. When the plant has finally stabilized and the roots have found the right position, then it is no longer necessary to irrigate the plant continuously because there is a risk that it will rot and take fungal diseases that are harmful to your health.

The nursery is also well stocked with fertilizers and fertilizers. Today with the organic farming that is taking off in a fabulous way, the experts in the sector supply the nurseries with fertilizers and fertilizers of every type and quality capable of satisfying the nutritional needs of different types of crops. They have been created with a high number of ferrous elements and have been created with cold-skin leather which guarantees the integrity of the product. Today the low cost and environmental sustainability increases the number of customers who turn to the nursery and who try to solve the nutritional problems of their crops. In the fertilizer and fertilizer sector of a nursery, you will find highly qualified products because they are tested by agronomists specializing in agricultural sciences so seriousness and competence are greatly guaranteed. The dialogic interaction between nursery staff and farmers or simple gardening enthusiasts ensures that there is a strong interaction between the parties, rather there are more needs, and the nurseryman tries to make up for the request in an excellent way. In the fertilizer and fertilizer sector of the nursery, the products are divided into categories so that even a buyer who wishes to disentangle himself in that great world dedicated to greenery, can easily choose the product he wants by making use of the description that the products clearly state. An innovative choice that many nurseries have adopted, is to sell organic fertilizers under the MIPAF circulate number 8 of 13709/99. Organic farming is something extremely serious that the consumer is taking to heart and that is why even if you have a small vegetable garden that only needs the family unit, it is advisable to use that type of organic product to guarantee a production that can reassure those who bring it to the table.