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Garden games

The games are equivalent to those of the public houses where we bring our children in their free moments. We can place all the elements we want and space permitting, we can create a nice and extremely creative environment. There are traditional games like the slide or the swing and the more innovative ones like the classic house where children can hide or have fun looking out at the characteristic windows. Of course, the company where you will buy the items will provide you with all the information you need to place the recreational pieces in accordance with the law so that you can rest easy while the children have fun. It is advisable not to pave the area where the games are located so that the child is in direct contact with nature.

The games to install

Undoubtedly, the swing is one of the most classic elements that for many years has been the most requested game in green areas. Of course, check that this beautiful game is made of resistant material but above all that it is safe for the safety of your children. The swing must have been made of a material resistant to all atmospheric agents because it will be an element that cannot be disassembled to keep it. You can choose the classic swing with a seat and chains with one or more stations or the swing which includes two front seats connected to each other by a beam. Today you can also choose wood material that is waterproofed and robust and impervious to termites. Contrary to popular belief, today the timber industries have made great strides and provide ecological wood that is easy to dispose of when it is thrown away because it is recyclable. The swings are not only sold of the classic type but their design can also be captivating. Many children love the swing but they are too small to be able to use them. Some companies, however, can provide a type of game that has a panties-shaped seat, where the child, although small, can be placed without the slightest danger of falling because it is completely bandaged. Even the slides are a classic and fun game for children who love it a lot because not only do they love to get carried away but it is fun to perform Sali several times and go down stairs. Even the slides can be plastic, wooden or even inflatable. The last ones, very innovative, are those found in shopping centers. These must be inflated and placed on a plastic sheet and or on a synthetic grass carpet. They are resistant and when they must be kept, they deflate and can easily be stored in cellophane sheets in a garage or in an attic. The wooden slides are durable, waterproof and resistant to insects. They can be colored or natural wood. The same applies to the plastic that is now created with non-toxic and absolutely safe material. Another innovative game, much appreciated by the little ones, is the small house formed by a small outside verandah and colored with pastel tones or very bright colors. It is made of non-toxic plastic, resistant to atmospheric agents and extremely easy to assemble. Easily washable, the house resists persistent rain and torrid heat so it can remain in the garden and there is no need to dismantle it. Many games for children are not taken into consideration but older children like them very much. Table football, for example, is very popular and much loved by boys. But it is not the only outdoor game out of the ordinary. There is also mini golf, carambola and so on but they are games reserved for older children.

Outdoor games in recycled material

Since we talk a lot about eco-sustainability, many companies have decided to reserve a slice of recycling material also for children's games. Even the recycled plastic is unassailable from bacteria or mold as well as being highly safe for the little ones because it is certified. It is resistant to nailing and anchoring is safe. Furthermore, the material does not break even if subjected to acts of vandalism but always returns to its place. The constitution of the games comes 90% from the differentiated collection such as for example the plastic bottles, it does not yellow despite the wear and the bad weather and it substitutes very well the wood. The material, where necessary, is supported by galvanized steel elements and is so appreciated that many public administrations turn to companies that produce urban furniture, and ask them to produce planters, benches and anything else to beautify the city. This form of material has a truly innovative process. Not only does it contain at least 80 percent of waste from separate collection but also LDPE which is low intensity polyethylene ... The coloring of the material never occurs at a later time but always during the extrusion so that the color pigments, they always remain alive and clear even in the inner part of the toy.

Gardening games: PVC outdoor games

Taking as an example the street furniture that some towns have requested from specialized firms, outdoor games can also be purchased in PVC. Also this material of renewable nature finds space in innumerable applications, even in the field of medical - surgical aids and this ascertains its reliability. PVC is produced in emulsion or in suspension by using some additives in the process such as stabilizers that prevent aging due to wear and atmospheric conditions. Lubricants are also used which give it great strength and finally color pigments that give the desired shade for outdoor play. PVC is prepared by removing all the waste materials from the recycled plastic such as the pieces of wood, then it is reduced with the use of machines in plastic granulate and then worked. All this material is melted until you get the desired shape. Assembly takes place at a later time. Today more and more municipal administrations are taking advantage of the possibility of using these urban furnishings in recycled material of this type in particular with regard to children's games placed in municipal houses or in playgrounds. The need arose from the fact that vandalism by adults with little scruple occurs very often, and outdoor games were found destroyed. The materials we have seen before, instead of being eco-sustainable, are vandal-proof and even if subjected to actions of pure wickedness, they are indestructible and are not in the least scratched or damaged.